Social media star Bong Qiuqiu welcomes third child, her first son

April 09, 2019
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    Her baby boy has arrived! Social media star Bong Qiuqiu welcomed her first son, Oliver Tan Zi Hao, yesterday (April 8).

    Qiuqiu and her husband Joshua Tan has two older daughters Meredith, four, and Amelia, two.

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    All three kids were delivered by consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Law Wei Seng at Thomson Medical Centre.

    Qiuqiu, whose real name is Ang Chiew Ting, often reminds her 294,000 followers that Baby No. 3 will be the last of her brood.

    In one post to her then unborn son, she wrote: “See you real soon and then.. FACTORY SHUT DOWN FOREVER.”

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    Her daughters were excited about their little brother’s arrival. A week before he was born, Amelia was seen kissing Mummy’s belly and giving him cute stickers.

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    “Not sure if we can cope with the chaos soon to come but for sure, it only gets better with time,” Qiuqiu shared on Instagram.

    “Amelia is still sometimes like a baby herself so i don’t know if becoming a jiejie (sister) will change her. But I’m 100% looking forward to spending more time with her, without a big belly between us.”

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    Qiuqiu had first announced on Instagram that she was expecting Baby No. 3 in October last year.

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    While she was pregnant with Amelia in 2017, she became entangled in a lawsuit with a social media advertising network and faced up to $250,000 in legal fees.

    She turned to crowdfunding to raise the fees, but encountered backlash. One user even suggested she miscarried or aborted her child.

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    But Qiuqiu’s followers are a supportive lot, and extended their love for her three kids.

    Each of them has their own Instagram account: Meredith has 75,000 followers; Amelia has 18,000; and at two days old, even Oliver has close to 4,000!

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    (Photos: Instagram/bongqiuqiu)

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