Bong Qiuqiu pregnant with third child

October 08, 2018
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    Bong Qiuqiu, the social media star formerly known as Ang Chiew Ting, is the envy of mums in Singapore again.

    Two days ago, she announced on Instagram that she’s expecting Baby no 3. Congratulations!

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    Her older daughter Meredith had innocently told her teacher that there are two babies at home now.

    Followers also might have noticed younger girl Amelia trying to pull up her mother’s shirt during an IG Live at the mention of the word “baby”.

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    She had wanted to start a mummy baby diary but that’s not meant to be for now – all she wants to do is “sleep”!

    She insists no 3 will be the last of her brood, admitting that she’s worried about getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

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    The mother of three-year-old Meredith and one-year-old Amelia is famous for bring in “five-figure” fees for endorsing brands.

    When Meredith turned one, she even threw a lavish birthday party that turned Zhongshan Park into a carnival filled with game stalls, balloons, carousel horses and fairy lights.

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    Last year, while she was pregnant with Amelia, she became entangled in a lawsuit with a social media advertising network and faced up to $250,000 in legal fees.

    She turned to crowdfunding to raise the fees but encountered backlash when one user even suggested she miscarried or aborted her child.

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    “Don’t think I’ve grasp the concept of ‘doing it right’ with one child, how am I going to do with two! I wonder, Guess I’d just go with it,” she’d revealed after giving birth to Amelia in 2017.

    In January, she set up Cereal Citizen with fellow Instagram star Rachell Tan and their friend Carolyn Lim. The cereal café offers over 30 types of cereals, along with sweet concoctions such as crododos and milkshakes.

    (Photos: Instagram/bongqiuqiu)

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