Parent’s guide to the new Airzone playground at City Square Mall

By Felicia Wong   — February 15, 2018
  • World’s first indoor suspended playground
    1 / 9 World’s first indoor suspended playground

    Airzone is a suspended net playground, located in-between floors at City Square Mall.

    The first of its kind, this unique attraction boasts four levels of fun for you and your little ones.

    Kids are allowed to play as long as they can support themselves and walk unaided on the nets, but those below the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.

    Young Parents visited the playground to find out what you can expect as an “Airstronaut”.

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  • Level 1: Ball Pit
    2 / 9 Level 1: Ball Pit

    This is Singapore’s only fully suspended ball pit, containing approximately 40,000 balls.

    You may have heard of the infamous “drowning” incident after a mum got stuck in the ball pit, but how bad is it actually?

    After getting into the ball pit for the first time, I sank down and did feel as if I was “drowning” – fortunately, there was a staffer on hand to quick pull me out – and she did this with one hand, even though she was shorter than I am.

    Thankfully, I was able to get the hang of it after a few minutes.

    According to the staff, adults tend to have a harder time in the ball pit as they are heavier, causing them to sink deeper on the nets.

    If you do happen to get stuck, grab onto the nets to help you climb out.

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  • Level 2: Free Play Zone
    3 / 9 Level 2: Free Play Zone

    This level introduces you to a unique “space walking” experience.

    You’ll feel like you’re walking on the moon as you bounce and jump around on the net.

    There are also giant Zorb balls so you can engage in fun games with your little ones.

    When you get tired, lie down on the net and look down to experience City Square Mall from a whole new perspective.

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  • Level 3: Maze
    4 / 9 Level 3: Maze

    You’ll have to crawl your way through as you navigate the obstacle course of one of the most unique mazes in the world.

    Try not to wear shorts to Airzone as the nets are pulled very taut and may hurt your knees as you crawl through the maze.

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  • Level 4: Slide
    5 / 9 Level 4: Slide

    There are slides on each level as they are the quickest way down, but the slide on Airzone’s fourth level is the most exciting.

    This slide is perfect for adventurous kids who love the adrenaline rush.

    Climb up to the highest point in Airzone, 6 storeys above the ground, and slide back down to the level below.

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  • Safety Concerns
    6 / 9 Safety Concerns

    Jumping around on nets suspended up to 5 storeys high may sound dangerous, but Airzone reassures that the suspended playground is completely secure.

    The nets, originally designed as safety nets for trapeze or high wire circus acts, are strong enough to suspend two fully laden single-decker buses lying on their sides.

    Airzone conducts daily checks to ensure that the nets are safe for play and a maximum of 20 people are allowed on each level at any time.

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  • Storage facilities
    7 / 9 Storage facilities

    You can’t bring your belongings into Airzone but not to worry, there are lockers provided.

    The lockers are password protected so you can feel safe leaving your valuable items, including loose jewellery and mobile phones.

    You can even charge your phones inside the lockers with the built-in charger.

    Due to safety reasons, phones are only allowed into Airzone if they’re secured with a hands-free pouch or holder.

    So bring your own or purchase one at the counter for $3 if you want to take photos and videos of your little ones having fun bouncing.

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  • Chinese New Year 2018 Promotion
    8 / 9 Chinese New Year 2018 Promotion

    Check out the array of special Chinese New Year promotions at Airzone from Feb 15 to 28.

    Your little ones will love the addition of Lucky the giant puppy, a 1.5m tall inflatable dog.

    You can even win amazing prizes, including a $888 cash ang pow, in the daily lucky draw.

    Just give your wristband to the Airzone staff after your playing session in exchange for a chance to participate in the lucky dip.

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  • Visit Airzone today!
    9 / 9 Visit Airzone today!

    Where: City Square Mall, Level 2
    Opening hours: 
    Ticket sales open daily from 10:45am, First session begins at 11am, Last admission at 9pm

    (Photos: Airzone)

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