Celeb mums Hong Huifang, Pan Lingling in bitter quarrel over kids

July 24, 2018
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    A disagreement between two Channel 8 actresses has rocked the Singapore entertainment scene, with one ending their friendship and sending a text message to their mutual friends about it.

    According to reports in Shin Min Daily News, Hong Huifang recently sent out a lengthy text message saying she is no longer friends with Pan Lingling.

    (Photo: The Straits Times)

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    In the text message, which Huifang sent to over 50 mutual friends such as Vivian Lai, Chen Xiuhuan amd Chen Hanwei, said she had cut ties with Lingling.

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    The message apparently detailed how Huifang felt bullied by Lingling on several occasions, and how Calvert Tay (pictured), Huifang’s son with fellow actor Zheng Geping, was also being subject to such treatment from Lingling.

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    The straw that broke the camel’s back seems to have happened at a gathering about a month ago, when Lingling allegedly made some comments about Calvert’s personal life, which upset Huifang. Calvert, 18, is said to be dating actress Julie Tan, 26.

    (Photo: Instagram/Julie Tan)


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    When the daily reached out to Huifang, she confirmed sending the message and replied with a Chinese saying which suggested that the ill feelings between the two actresses had been brewing for some time.

    The publication also reached out to Lingling, who replied in Chinese: “Let time water down everything.”

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    Huifang followed this message with another one on her Instagram account. She wrote in Mandarin: “To deal with hypocritical people, you can’t scold her, you can’t expose her. You just need to let her continue to be sad and hypocritical. You just have to pretend you don’t know anything. And slowly, more and more people will run to tell you just how hypocritical she is.”

    Although she didn’t specify at the time who the message was directed at, many now know that it referred to what happened between the two actresses.

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    Most recently, an angry Whatsapp message from Huifang have made the rounds among their friends and colleagues.

    It hinted that Lingling had commented on a past relationship of Huifang’s daughter Tay Ying (pictured), which she says the youngster still harbours today, and it continues to hurt Huifang’s husband.

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    Lingling had also supposedly suggested her son Calvert go for a sexually-transmitted disease inoculation jab.

    “Enough is enough, Pan Lingling, you better listen up. I have already made my stand very clear! Why is it that I still hear that you’re going around talking about them…” the message went.

    (Photo: Shin Min Daily News)

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    Neither actress could be reached for comment. When The Straits Times contacted former Mediacorp actor Huang Shinan, who is married to Lingling, he said he did not know what the disagreement was about and added: “They were both at a birthday gathering last month.”

    The couple have two teenage sons Beckham and Kynaston.

    In an interview with Zaobao, Shinan also shared that he’s worried about Lingling whose breast cancer is in remission. He said: “Her mood is naturally affected but she doesn’t say anything about it. She is still on medication. I’m worried that she will be emotionally affected by this.”

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    The two actresses have known each other for more than 20 years and have worked together as early as 1988 in the drama The Golden Quest.

    Both are currently in the drama Reach For The Skies, which is showing on Channel 8.

    A version of this article appeared on The Straits Times.

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