Covid-19 stay home activities: What Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Singapore celeb parents are doing with their kids

April 03, 2020
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    From TikTok dances to Google 3D Animals, Singapore celeb families are finding creative ways to bond and chill at home. Steal their ideas and find inspiration for things to do with your kids to beat the coronavirus blues.

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  • Andie Chen and Kate Pang
    2 / 10 Andie Chen and Kate Pang

    School took a back seat for little Aden and Avery lately. Andie and Kate kept their preschoolers occupied at home with board games and stories instead.

    Source of home-based learning? Good old workbooks. Occasional workouts? Swims and walks with Daddy.

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  • Fann Wong
    3 / 10 Fann Wong

    We did a double take at Fann’s post of her son with an endangered turtle in an inflatable pool. Until we realised it was a clever shot of Zed with a virtual creature, with the trending Google 3D Animals feature.

    This augmented reality experience, with a selected list of animals, will keep kids and adults entertained for hours. Zed also frolicked with an octopus and an anglerfish!

    And if you’ve not experienced Google 3D animal, this is how to launch it. But first, go to your phone settings and allow Google access to the camera.

    1. Type the name of an animal into the Google search bar on your mobile phone browser.

    2. Tap on a “See in 3D” button in the search results.

    3. The animal will appear on your phone screen, against the space where your phone camera is pointing.


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  • Zoe Tay
    4 / 10 Zoe Tay

    Music is inspirational and a wonderful companion. And it takes much more effort to create than to consume.

    So we can imagine the hours Zoe’s talented son had put into composing this tune she shared on Instagram. Watch it here!

    It brings to mind the touching Stay with Me, a song JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun wrote in tribute to frontline medical workers. What an inspiration to all children learning music.

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  • Stefanie Sun
    5 / 10 Stefanie Sun

    Letting the sun in to warm up her place – this was one of the eight things that Stefanie posted on her social media accounts. Other activities are doing stretching, taking selfies, growing plants, video chats, discovering new things online, playing peek-a-boo with her daughter and reading. Read more here!

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  • Jaime Teo
    6 / 10 Jaime Teo

    Watching Jaime and Renee do the TikTok dances makes us want to boogie!

    This pair seems to be having lots of fun at home. Building a living room obstacle course, playing the guitar and singing duets are some ideas we stole from them.

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  • Jacelyn Tay
    7 / 10 Jacelyn Tay

    Jacelyn’s son turned tutor at home, with Grandma his obedient student.

    He makes a mighty good teacher, putting together a word list and making Grandma go through a spelling test. What an educational way to bond with seniors. Watch it here!

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  • Carole Lin
    8 / 10 Carole Lin

    Five-year-old Brooklyn, with her own Instagram account managed by Daddy, is a star in the making. Staging a solo concert with natural lighting and belting out a Disney favourite looks like a good start.

    Remember how the Italians sang from balconies to keep their spirits up during the country’s lockdown? Watch Brooklyn perform here!

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  • Florence Tan
    9 / 10 Florence Tan

    Currently back in Malaysia, Florence diligently shares her daily routine through two-week lockdown.

    Her 12-year-old twin daughters help prepare meals, take online piano lessons and join her in morning workouts that she streams on Facebook Live.


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  • Yvonne Lim
    10 / 10 Yvonne Lim

    Desserts never fail to bring on the smiles. Homemade ones are especially sweet.

    AJ and Alexa celebrated their little friend’s birthday. With a cake with cartoon characters that mummy Yvonne baked. Time to unearth the neglected electric whisk from your store room?

    (Photos: Respective celebrities’ Instagram)

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