DC Super Heroes cafe at Takashimaya: What you must know

By Felicia Wong   — April 10, 2018
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    Stepping into the DC Super Heroes cafe at Takashimaya, I feel like I’ve been transported right into an actual DC comic book.

    Every inch of the cafe is covered in DC memorabilia. The tables and chairs feature many famous superhero logos and the booths are plastered with panels from actual DC comics.

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    The cafe’s windows feature a glorious rendering of the beloved Justice League superheroes, providing a beautiful stained-glass effect as you dine with your little ones.

    There are also screens playing movies and television shows featuring characters from the DC Comics universe.

    Even from the outside, you can see a row of life-sized superhero figurines along the glass window. Be greeted by Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more of your favourite heroes.

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    DC Super Heroes cafe’s iconic life-sized Batmobile has even been transported over from its original location at the Marina Bay Sands outlet.

    There’s also a glass cabinet displaying more DC figurines, all of which belong to the extensive personal collection of the cafe’s owner.

    Unlike the MBS outlet, the Takashimaya outlet does not have any retail DC merchandise on sale.

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    The cafe also features some pretty impressive equipment that’s not just for show.

    Their espresso machine, Superman-themed of course, has been used at the World Barista Championships.

    Even the kitchen is decked out with DC flair. You’ll be blown away by the one of a kind Batman-themed full-sized pizza oven dome, which bakes amazing fresh pizzas and calzones in 3 minutes.

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    There are also pages of DC Comics interwoven with the pages of the extended and revamped menu.

    Look out for some items, which are only available at the Takashimaya outlet. Here are some menu highlights.

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    A definite must-try item is the Hot Crustacean Teasure Bag ($59), which is exclusive to the Takashimaya outlet.

    It serves 2 to 3 people so you and your little ones can share the generous assortment of fresh seafood including tiger prawns, clams, flower crab and mussels, cooked with garlic, giner and fresh herbs.

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    Another must-try is the cafe’s best-selling specialty burgers. Don’t miss out on Batman’s Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger ($28.90).

    Treat yourself to the succulent wagyu beef patty topped with juicy grilled portobello mushroom and served with Dark Knight charcoal brioche bun, mesclun salad, red onions and fries.

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    Try the Posion Ivy & Bane’s Chorizo And Saucission Pizza ($25), one of their best selling pizzas. You’ll love the irresistible combination of tasty chorizo and saucission pork sausages topped with emmental cheese, green olives, onions and aragula.

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    If you want something a little more special, order the Island Warriors’ Cheesy Pork Sausage Calzone ($25). The mouthwatering calzone contains pork sausage, red onions, melted mozzarella, red capsicum and mushrooms.

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    One of the best selling items on the Kids Menu is the Batkid Mini Mac and Cheese ($17.90). Junior Super Heroes will love the creamy baked Mac and Cheese, served with sweet corn and smiley-face potato hashbrowns.

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    You’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive selection of desserts, including gelato, cupcakes, cakes and waffles.

    The cafe’s beverage selection is just as extensive. Quench your thirst with coffees, teas, smoothies, juices, mocktails and more.

    Here’s what we tried and loved.

    The Joker’s Rainbow Freakshake ($16.90) is the cafe’s signature rainbow vanilla milkshake with sprinkles of mischief. It’s the perfect sweet treat to share with your little ones.

    Parents will enjoy the Lime Green Arrow’s Minty Mojito ($12.90), a delightful mix of lime juice with mojito syrup, fresh lime cubes and mint leaves.

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    The cafe is located right next to the taxi stand at Takashimaya, you’ll have to cross the lane of cars driving into the carpark.

    Look out for the bright blue neon sign and enter through the 3.8m-tall Justice League door. You might miss it as it blends in a little too well with its surroundings.

    (We heard that the cafe is thinking of changing to a glass door soon, phew)

    Where: Takashimaya (next to taxi stand)
    Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily
    Visit www.facebook.com/dcshcafetaka

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