Family trip: How to save money when you travel to these 5 dream destinations

October 19, 2017
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    Singaporeans have a large appetite for travelling abroad and it’s no secret.

    The figures show it all: Singaporeans took an average of 5.2 trips over the course of 12 months, according to a survey by marketing technology company Criteo conducted in April this year.

    Additionally, it was found that two in five Singaporeans book their trips at the last minute, usually to regional countries such as Hong Kong and Thailand.

    But what if we told you that it’s possible to go further – literally – and visit other destinations while saving money at the same time?

    Travel site TripAdvisor has done all the hard work for those of us who have caught the travel bug by revealing the ideal times to visit some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

    The Luxury for Less Guide comprises eight lust-worthy destinations along with the time periods with the lowest hotel rates.

    The list also suggests the “best value time period” to travel, which is defined by TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data and factors such as local weather and seasonal activities.

    From the concrete jungle that is New York City to perennial-favourite Tokyo, travellers will get an idea of when to visit these spots if they wish to avoid the peak season when prices would inevitably be higher.

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  • New York City
    2 / 6 New York City

    On that note, March is the best value month to visit the Big Apple with average price reductions of 33 per cent (S$215) on hotels.

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  • Mauritius
    3 / 6 Mauritius

    For example, travellers who are eyeing island-nation Mauritius can save up to 51 per cent (S$394) if they travel in September.

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  • Tokyo
    4 / 6 Tokyo

    As for Tokyo, the TripAdvisor guide suggests that visitors head to the city in May – when the temperature is still comfortably cool – and expect an average of 21 per cent (S$91) in savings.

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  • Brazil
    5 / 6 Brazil

    May is also the best time for anyone who’s interested in witnessing the largest waterfalls system in the world, Iguazu Falls, all the way in exotic Brazil.

    Travellers could save 31 per cent as compared to peak season.

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  • Hawaii
    6 / 6 Hawaii

    Hawaii proves to be the most ideal destination for those with tight schedules.

    It offers the highest flexibility for a value visit with four months to choose from (April, May, September and October), giving travellers an average saving of 20 per cent (S$135).

    If you’re all set to go full steam ahead with end-of-year travel prep, this guide might just bring you to places you’ve never imagined visiting before – all without draining your bank account.

    A version of this article first appeared in AsiaOne



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