8 feng shui tips for the bedroom to improve your marriage in 2018

February 02, 2018
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    Marriage can really get tough for some people, especially if they are not doing enough to keep the romance alive, but feng shui can help!

    Turns out optimising the energy in your bedroom can improve many facets of your life including your marital relations.

    According to Laura Cerrano, a New York–based feng shui consultant, “it’s not just about the physical presentation of the room and the accessories in it.”

    As is common in feng shui, “it’s important to have an emotional connection that aligns your intentions with your heart, allowing yourself to open up and feel the energy of the room.”

    She shared some tried-and-true strategies for improving the energy of a bedroom, specifically a bed, to bring luck and prosperity into your married life ahead of the Lunar New Year.

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  • 1. Get the right bed
    2 / 9 1. Get the right bed

    n order to promote feng shui in marriage, you have to make sure you get the bed right.

    Make sure the bed is not pushed into a corner. The bed should be easily accessible from all directions.

    This promotes positive energy in the room.

    A king size bed might sound comfortable, but it can keep a couple far from each other, which should be avoided.

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  • 2. Opt for a wooden headboard (or bedframe)
    3 / 9 2. Opt for a wooden headboard (or bedframe)

    Your headboard and bed frame play a significant role in optimising the feng shui of your bedroom and therefore, your relationship.

    Choose a solid wooden headboard and frame because the element of wood relates to the symbolic nature of supporting your body and energy when sleeping alongside your spouse.

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  • 3. Always keep the doors shut
    4 / 9 3. Always keep the doors shut

    No door should be open in the bedroom, especially during the night time, when you and your spouse go to sleep.

    An open door is a good sign of opportunity, but only when it comes to business.

    It is not a good sign for your personal life, as it provides invitation for external influences.

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  • 4. Avoid bodies of water
    5 / 9 4. Avoid bodies of water

    One of the most important tips for feng shui for romance would be to avoid water bodies in the room.

    This does not necessarily mean a water fall.

    Even a small fountain or even an aquarium would be a bad idea to put inside a bedroom, because water will “dilute” your love.

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  • 5. Remove the television
    6 / 9 5. Remove the television

    Having a televisions or even a radio in the bedroom is a disruptive force and can draw attention away from more important things like marital sex.

    There are some feng shui theories that even state that having a television in your bedroom is like an invitation for a third party to come into this relationship.

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  • 6. Keep some plants or flowers around
    7 / 9 6. Keep some plants or flowers around

    Plants and flowers have always been symbols of love, beauty and life and it would be beneficial for you to have some greenery in the bedroom or even the house.

    Keep them in the southwest corner as much as you can.

    Remember to take care and remove all dead flowers and leaves as regularly as you can for this is an unwelcome aspect of feng shui for love.

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  • 7. Have two of everything
    8 / 9 7. Have two of everything

    Feng shui for romance dictates that you have things in pairs around the house.

    Have two of everything, as much as you can.

    For example, instead of having one side table, have two side tables. Instead of one frame on the wall, hang two.

    That may help to improve your love life.

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  • 8. Choose the right colours
    9 / 9 8. Choose the right colours

    Your bedroom colour has to be compatible with feng shui for married couples as well.

    Go for the romantic colours, for they will enhance the romance aspect in the relationship.

    Pink or red are good options.

    Avoid using black, brown and green in your room decoration.

    A version of this article first appeared on Singapore Women’s Weekly.

    (Photos: 123RF.com)

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