The Great Lego Race VR roller coaster at Legoland Malaysia: What you should know about the new ride

By Elisa Chia   — November 24, 2017
  • World's first Lego VR roller coaster
    1 / 7 World's first Lego VR roller coaster

    Legoland Malaysia Resort has scored a world’s first with the opening of the Great Lego Race on Wednesday (Nov 22).

    This was previously the Project X roller coaster, but riders now get to wear a cool virtual reality (VR) headset and have double the fun. Young Parents was there on the launch day to bring you this report.

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  • Is your kid tall enough?
    2 / 7 Is your kid tall enough?

    Riders have to be at least six years old and 120cm tall to use the VR headset.

    If your child is four years old and 110cm tall, he can still go on the ride with an accompanying adult. But note that both the child and adult will not be allowed to wear the headset.

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  • Ready, set, race
    3 / 7 Ready, set, race

    With the VR headset, you’ll enter an imaginary game world made entirely from Lego bricks and join a road race with five iconic Lego minifigures: Pirate Captain, Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Trendsetter and Wizard.

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  • Cooler than motion simulator rides
    4 / 7 Cooler than motion simulator rides

    Here’s a preview of what you will experience. Trust us, it’s a lot more exhilarating when you’re seated on the actual ride.

    You will feel totally immersed in the race as the virtual visuals are in sync with the roller coaster’s twists, turns, climbs and drops.

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  • Here it comes
    5 / 7 Here it comes

    This is the steepest drop on the ride track. Are you ready for it?

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  • Fun while you wait
    6 / 7 Fun while you wait

    While queuing for your turn to go on the Great Lego Race, you and your kids can get to know the characters, take wefies and play with Lego bricks.

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  • In it together
    7 / 7 In it together

    Challenge your kids to go on this thrilling ride at Legoland Malaysia Resort, which is only 15 minutes away from Tuas Checkpoint by car.

    We did say it’s the world’s first Lego VR roller coaster, didn’t we? The Great Lego Race is scheduled to be launched at Legoland Florida and Deutschland next year.

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