These hot celebrity fathers are #dadgoals

By Cheryl Lim   — June 15, 2019
  • Adrian Pang
    1 / 18 Adrian Pang

    One of the most respected thespians in Singapore, Adrian Pang’s rise to fame was on television with shows such as Portrait of Home (2005), Nanny Daddy (2008) and Code of Law (2011). He set up theatre company Pangdemonium with his wife, Tracie Pang née Howitt, in 2010, and the award-winning company has since been known for its fearless and provocative exploration of sometimes controversial topics. Known for his rugged looks, charismatic and affable charm and his fit physique, Adrian is a father of two, Zack and Xander, with the latter starring in the play Late Company with him early this year. Adrian recently wrapped up This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls, a play that talks about sexual assault and the #MeToo movement. Can we love him any more?

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  • George Young
    2 / 18 George Young

    George Young is blessed with dashing good looks and enviable bushy brows due to his mixed heritage (Chinese and Greek). Happily married to Taiwanese author-host Janet Hsieh, the two have an adorable son named Egan, who gets regular features on the couples’ Instagram accounts. But did you know, the actor gave up practising law in London to pursue his love for acting? In 2018, George released a short film, titled Home, that he wrote, direct and co-starred in with wife Janet. Multi-talented and good-looking? Sign us up.

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  • Wang Leehom
    3 / 18 Wang Leehom

    With a career that spans almost 30 years, Chinese-American star Wang Leehom is one of the biggest names in Mandopop, with multiple Golden Melody awards and chart-topping hits. Singing is not all there is to Leehom though, he’s an avid environmentalist and has also starred in over 20 films to date. Leehom and his wife Lee Jinglei, who’s not in the entertainment industry, have three kids — two daughters and a son — but he still manages to keep a trim figure. We also hear rumours that his directorial debut, romcom Love in Disguise (2010), actually portrays the love story between him and Jinglei. How sweet is that?

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  • Nicholas Tse
    4 / 18 Nicholas Tse

    Many of us grew up watching Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse in films such as Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998), Bodyguards and Assassins (2009) and The Stool Pigeon (2010). Known for his bad boy good looks and a high profile marriage (followed by an equally high profile divorce) to fellow Hong Konger Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas has since branched out beyond singing and acting. In fact, the handsome father of two is a celebrated chef now and was recognised by Michelin Guide in 2016 as its first ever “Friend of Michelin” for his positive contribution to the food industry. He even has his own food travelogue show called Chef Nic, two cookie brands and his own kitchen equipment brand. Impressive.

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  • Ryan Reynolds
    5 / 18 Ryan Reynolds

    Whether you know him as Green Lantern (2011), Deadpool (2016) or Detective Pikachu in Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019), Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly one of the hottest — have you seen that well-honed physique? — and most popular dads today. Besides being married to the gorgeous Blake Lively, whom he often gushes lovingly about (and teases unabashedly) during interviews and on red carpets, the pair are also expecting their third child (they already have two daughters) together. Most of all, we love Ryan for his comedic timing and his penchant for hilarious tweets about the “joys” of fatherhood. One particular gem: “Being a father is the single greatest feeling on earth. Not including those wonderful years I spent without a child, of course.”

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  • Chris Hemsworth
    6 / 18 Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth may be best known for his role as Thor, but off-screen his most important role is being a father to his three children, India Rose, Sasha and Tristan. His wife Elsa Pataky loves posting photos of Chris with their kids. Here, we see that Chris is quite the father bear and a human pillow with his little ones.


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  • Song Il Kook
    7 / 18 Song Il Kook

    The Superman of the supermen. For those who used to watch the world’s most-loved triplets on KBS’ The Return of Superman, we all know that Song Il Kook is amazing at being a dad (to three cheeky sons) and also incredible at working out and keeping his physique toned. Let’s be real, he completed a triathlon with his sons — he’s definitely something.

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  • John Legend
    8 / 18 John Legend

    John Legend is the cutest of dads, especially with the constant online roasting from wife Chrissy Teigen. He is the epitome of an Instagram dad – their daughter Luna has been constantly stealing the spotlight on John’s Instagram and was even featured in his MV for “Love Me Now”. Their youngest son, Miles Theodore, recently turned one with a family celebration that involved a bear-shaped cake.

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  • Lee Dong Wook
    9 / 18 Lee Dong Wook

    South Korean footballer Lee Dong Gook is no stranger if you watch KBS’ The Return Of Superman, where viewers get a glimpse into how he takes care of his five adorable children (two sets of twin daughters and a son). He is definitely both the man on the field and at home.

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  • Liam Payne
    10 / 18 Liam Payne

    Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole welcomed their baby boy Bear in March 2017. Cheryl revealed that Liam became the cook of the house after she gave birth so that she could get proper rest. The couple has since split in July 2018 and Liam released his solo extended play, First Time, in the following month.

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  • Rain
    11 / 18 Rain

    Known for his chiselled physique and roles in popular dramas such as Full House as well as his Hollywood debut in the film Speed Racer, Rain became a dad for the first time in October 2017 with actress Kim Tae Hee and though we haven’t gotten a full picture of his princess daughter as he keeps his life very private, we’re sure that she will grow up well under the love of her parents! Rain’s newest work is Race to Freedom: Uhm Bok-dong (2019), which is Based on the true story of famed cyclist Uhm Bok-dong.

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  • Adam Levine
    12 / 18 Adam Levine

    The Maroon 5 frontman and his Namibian model wife Behati Prinsloo are now parents to two beautiful daughters, having welcomed their second one Gio Grace in February last year. Here, we have Adam and eldest daughter Dusty Rose out on a play date. Goals!

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  • David Beckham
    13 / 18 David Beckham

    David Beckham needs no introduction. No list of hot celeb dads would be completed without the joy that is David Beckham. A devoted Instagram dad, the English former footballer’s feed is filled with streams of birthday dedications, family outings and pictures with his kids he has with Spice Girl turned fashion maven Victoria Beckham. The rugged 44-year-old is also a coveted model in his own right.

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  • Ricky Kim
    14 / 18 Ricky Kim

    Ricky Kim is undoubtedly an eye-candy with his chiselled abs and good looks, despite being a father to three kids. Check out his Instagram! He’s a true Instagram dad.

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  • Dwayne Johnson
    15 / 18 Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson, AKA “The Rock,” is one of the beefiest, hunkiest celeb, but at home, he goes by another title: Dad. Here’s a picture of him and his new born daughter, Tiana Gia.

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  • Jay Chou
    16 / 18 Jay Chou

    Aw, matching father daughter clothes! It’s known that Jay Chou has a habit of splurging on his family, wanting only the best for them – including enrolling his daughter, Hathaway, in a S$32K-a-year pre-school. Fans of the Taiwanese singer-songwriter can look forward to his 2020 concert as he returns to Singapore as part of his world tour on January 10 and 11.

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  • Allan Wu
    17 / 18 Allan Wu

    You would probably find it hard to guess Allan Wu‘s age by looking at his ripped built, but he’s actually 46 years old. The US-born actor, host and VJ is a fitness junkie and devoted father to his two children.

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  • Qi Yu Wu
    18 / 18 Qi Yu Wu

    Currently based in Beijing, Qi Yu Wu spends a fair amount of time away from his wife and children but still does his best to be a good father and usband. You can tell how much he loves them by looking at the candid pictures he takes of his wife and children.

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