Hot dad Vincent Ng loves junk food and durians, but can you tell from his six-pack abs?

July 22, 2019
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    Vincent Ng indulges in roti prata, chips and ice cream, but can you tell from his ripped physique? You might think that the wushu champion and former actor doesn’t even have a cheat day.

    “I need motivation (to diet) because I eat a lot of junk food,” the 43-year-old said. “My control has been much better compared to when I was younger. In my 20s, I didn’t care about my diet and I ate everything.”

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    The doting father also revealed his soft spot for durians.

    He confessed: “I’m a lover of durians. Recently, I ate a bit of durians but that means that I just work harder the next day (to burn the calories).”

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    While he has been synonymous with having washboard abs, Vincent doesn’t think of himself as perfect and confessed to losing his tight bod when life took over last year after he had a baby with his wife, Mei Ling.

    “(I accumulated fats) when I didn’t work out and kept eating. I had a lot of commitments and I had a one-month old baby. I started focusing more on my family.

    “I didn’t have proper sleep for that first few months too. I still had abs but it wasn’t sculpted. Over time, I lost muscle mass so people said I lost weight,” he recounted.

    He may not be perfect, but we’re sure Vincent’s body on a bad day is better than most of ours on our best days.

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    The former actor also revealed that he will be starring in a production soon. Yes, we will see his return to acting and it’s something that fans have asked him about before.

    He declined to provide more details about the project, except that it’s an action piece and he will start filming soon for one month.

    To prepare for the role, Vincent is going back to basics and focusing more on wushu practice to increase his stamina and flexibility.

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    On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, he can also be found doing weights training in the gym that he opened with ex-national athlete and singer, 37-year-old Alfred Sim.

    Called MAST (Martial Arts Strength Training) Fitness, the 6,000 sq ft fitness compound at Joo Chiat was set up around three months ago and houses Wufang Singapore – Vincent’s wushu school – as well.

    “People keep asking me about fitness training and how I keep my body fit,” he said. “I thought it was time to start the gym to share my healthy lifestyle with others.”

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    Alfred, an athletics coach, added: “Both Vincent and I have similar backgrounds as ex-national athletes. It (MAST Gym) started with a casual conversation that speed and strength training is essential for most sports in Singapore.And we saw this opportunity to work together for his wushu athletes.

    “We both see the need for speed, strength and conditioning especially in the elite competitive level. This is a passion that both of us have, to help local athletes to achieve higher sporting abilities.”

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    Aside from athletes, Vincent also mentioned that the gym will appeal to students who are interested in combative sports and working adults who are interested in getting physical.

    What about beginners then? They’ve got it covered because Vincent hopes to build a community with MAST Gym that will be “supporting and encouraging” to those who are pursuing their fitness goals.

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    When asked if he had tips or advice for those who have difficulties achieving their fitness goals, he said: “There are many reasons why people don’t work out, whether it’s time or they feel intimidated.

    “Find a motivation to exercise, for example you can pick up a sport that you like. If you’ve never worked out before or are feeling insecure about yourself, find a workout buddy.”

    “Otherwise, they can come find me!” he added with a laugh.

    A version of this article first appeared in Asiaone.

    (Photos: Instagram)

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