How Singapore celebrities and influencers celebrated Mother’s Day 2018

May 15, 2018
  • Cheryl Wee
    1 / 12 Cheryl Wee

    [UPDATE: You’ve got to check out these hot Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2019!]

    It’s actress Cheryl Wee’s first Mother’s Day! The 31-year-old new mum gave birth two weeks ago and spent her first Mother’s Day “chilling at home” with her hubby and “baby M”.

    She reflects on motherhood in a lengthy Instagram post and thanks her “mama and late popo for all the things they’ve done”.

    She also wished all mums a blessed and meaningful Mother’s Day.

    (Photo: Instagram/weecheryl)

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  • Constance Song
    2 / 12 Constance Song

    Another celebrity mama who celebrated her first Mother’s Day is actress Constance Song!

    The 43-year-old posted a sweet snap of her and her baby, captioned “I’m the happiest on earth in your little world… Love [you] to the universe and back!”

    (Photo: Instagram/constancecraving)

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  • Fann Wong
    3 / 12 Fann Wong

    The veteran actress took her mum out for a Mother’s Day treat at Crystal Jade this year.

    “Seeing her smile so happily, I’m very satisfied too,” Fann captioned the post.

    She also posted an adorable photo of Zed clinging to her legs, captioned; “Darling, you have to stick to mummy like this when you’re grown up too, okay?”

    (Photo: Instagram/fannaiaiwong)

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  • Jaime Teo
    4 / 12 Jaime Teo

    Who says you have to spend Mother’s Day at home?

    The former beauty queen posted a “throwback” photo of a family holiday with her daughter and mum.

    “Looking forward to our next holiday!”, she captioned the post.

    (Photo: Instagram/jmeteo)

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  • Jamie Yeo
    5 / 12 Jamie Yeo

    Gold 90.5 DJ and TV host Jamie Yeo celebrated Mother’s Day with a nice family dinner out.

    Her hubby Rupert, a British expatriate, posted a cute pic on Instagram and captioned it with a funny exchange the couple had during dinner.

    “Well, my new outfit didn’t get puked on… too much, so I’ll take that as a win,” replied Jamie, when asked how the dinner was.

    (Photo: Instagram/urbanfarmerly)

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  • Joanne Peh
    6 / 12 Joanne Peh

    Actress Joanne Peh posted an adorable photo with Baby Qi for Mother’s Day.

    She also shared her reflections on her motherhood journey so far in her caption: “The process [of motherhood] has been invaluable and I look forward to the challenges ahead.”

    Joanne also gave a shoutout to her actor-hubby Qi Yuwu, thanking him for “believing [she] had what it takes to be [a mother]”.

    (Photo: Instagram/joannepeh)

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  • Kate Pang and Andie Chen
    7 / 12 Kate Pang and Andie Chen

    Andie Chen may have won the title of “Best Hubby” after surprising his wife Kate Pang this Mother’s Day.

    He planned an elaborate surprise, complete with decorations, a video messgae from him and their kids, as well as a cake and presents chosen by their little ones.

    You can watch the full video of the sweet surprise on their Youtube channel, Kandie Family.

    Kandie Family also posted the video on their Instagram, with the caption: “On this Mother’s Day, Aden’s Daddy wants to remind Aden’s Mummy, that she will never be lonely again for the rest of her life.”

    Aww, how sweet!

    (Photo: Instagram/kandiefamily)

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  • Melody Chen
    8 / 12 Melody Chen

    One FM 91.3 DJ Melody Chen’s motherhood journey is nothing short of miraculous.

    She celebrates her first Mother’s Day this year, after 9 years of trying to have children.

    Melody shared her thoughts about her motherhood journey in a lengthy Instagram post she made on Mother’s Day.

    “We still remained hopeful that this year we just might be able to have a wee sprout of our own. And TWO it became!” she captioned the post.

    “Motherhood is truly the hardest yet the most rewarding job in the whole wide world.”

    (Photo: Instagram/melodychen_)

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  • Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim
    9 / 12 Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim

    Tay Kewei may have received the best Mother’s Day gift from Baby Shen Momo: his first words!

    The singer shared an adorable video of the important moment on her Instagram.

    In it, her singer-hubby Alfred Sim tries repeatedly to get Baby Momo to say ‘baba’ (‘daddy’ in Chinese).

    Baby Momo whines for a moment before saying “I don’t want!”

    So cute!

    (Photo: Instagram/keweitay)

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  • Velda Tan
    10 / 12 Velda Tan

    Another celebrity mummy celebrating her first Mother’s Day is social media star Velda Tan.

    After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Velda spent over 2 years trying to have children before she finally got pregnant last year.

    Her baby Ellery celebrated her 100th day recently and Velda dedicated an Instagram post to her daughter on Mother’s Day.

    “Your Daddy and I went through plenty to conceive you, but our wait has only made our days with you more treasured. We are so privileged to raise you and call you our child,” she wrote.

    “Like the meaning of your name, you are a joy and blessing to us and those around us. We celebrate your milestone today with deep gratitude.”

    (Photo: Instagram/belluspuera)

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  • Vivian Lai
    11 / 12 Vivian Lai

    Actress and host Vivian Lai posted a sweet photo collage with her kids on Instagram for Mother’s Day.

    “This Mother’s Day eve, wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! You’ve all worked hard!”, she captioned the photo.

    (Photo: Instagram/veravivian)

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  • Yvonne Lim
    12 / 12 Yvonne Lim

    Actress Yvonne Lim received a thoughful gift from her two adorable kids this Mother’s Day.

    She posted a series of videos of her opening the gift, a red cake mixer.

    “My first Mother’s Day present from happy AJ and happy Alexa!” she wrote in the caption, “My son chose his favourite colour.”

    Yvonne also gave a shoutout to her husband, former member of Taiwanese boy band B.A.D Alex Tien, for sponsoring the gift.

    We can’t wait to see what sweet treats she’ll be making!

    (Photo: Instagram/yvonnelim928)

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