How to dress like hot mum Diana Ser

July 10, 2018
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    At 46, local host Diana Ser is the epitome of mum style goals. One look at her Instagram and you will see her looking picture-perfect even when running errands.

    On how she pulls it off so effortlessly, Diana – who has three children aged 12, 10 and seven – told The New Paper: “I call it the democratisation of fashion.

    “Online retail has made many brands accessible with a click and a credit card. Previously, I would have to go to that designer outlet in Tokyo or Florence or wait patiently for the twice-a-year sale.

    “Secondly, I have come to enjoy dressing up and putting on make-up. I think it has to do with my current stage in life. I have endured the first few difficult years when my kids were babies and toddlers. Now, I am reclaiming some time for myself.”

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    She mixes “one or two items that are trendy and youthful” with timeless staples, like a good pair of jeans or shorts.

    Her wardrobe must-haves include high heels, a good sun hat, high-waist pants and denim shorts.

    She added: “I wish I could wear sneakers with everything. These days, because of the school runs, I need to be comfortable most times.

    “I have decided I am better off buying many pairs of affordable white sneakers, compared to one pair of expensive ones, so you can change them and not feel the pinch.”

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    Age has also toned down her desire to bare her skin. She added: “The biggest difference is the amount of flesh I will show.

    “Now, this is my mantra: If you are showing one part of the body, cover up everything else.

    “If you have to show some cleavage, try not to look like you are in some Jennifer Lopez music video.”

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    Describing her style as “timeless, elegant with a bit of glam whenever appropriate”, Diana said she struggled to get back in shape after her pregnancies.

    She said: “I was so desperate to lose weight after my first child, I went to see a doctor.

    “Thankfully, he prescribed patience. He told me to try and lose all the water retention first and focus on getting my health back.”

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    What matters most to her in an outfit is its fit and cut, adding that the cheapest outfit can look good if she has it altered to fit her well.

    Diana, who is 1.52m tall, said wearing clothing that defines her 26-inch waist also helps enhance her overall body proportion.

    However, she recently ditched figure-hugging dresses, saying: “Even though I don’t look horrendously overweight in them, my tummy will never be as flat as it was in my 20s or 30s, and middle age brings with it some skin laxity.

    “Now I can still show curves, but usually less skin.”

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    Diana, who has been married to local actor-turned-bank executive James Lye for 14 years, still tries to dress classy for him.

    Recalling her biggest fashion catastrophe, she said: “I went on my first date with James in a diaphanous dress. I swear I had no idea.

    “It was only much later that he told me he could, you know, make out what was underneath. But of course, he was more interested in the conversation.”

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  • Daytime Diana
    7 / 10 Daytime Diana

    This red off-shoulder top from Elitaat Takashimaya is her attempt at oozing a bit of sex appeal while making it suitable for a brunch or even a kid’s birthday party.

    She said: “I somehow feel that at my age, showing too much skin can seem desperate.

    “Red is always a great colour to brighten up my mood, and the high-rise pants (from Thai label) Jaspal elongate my petite frame.”

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  • Night out Diana
    8 / 10 Night out Diana

    This multi-coloured statement top with black sequined sleeves and green neckline by Italian label Marni definitely catches the eye.

    Diana, who wore it for an awards ceremony followed by “a nice dinner”, said: “I wanted to glam my outfit up a bit (so) a statement top is an easy way to dress up.”

    She kept the rest of her ensemble simple with black pants from Armani Exchange and a clutch and black heels from Aldo.

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  • Off-duty Diana
    9 / 10 Off-duty Diana

    When she is not busy presenting on Talking Point for Channel NewsAsia or her online platform Crazy About Chinese, she spends her time with her kids and extended family.

    She keeps it casual in a striped orange top from US fashion label BCBGMAXAZRIA – which has been with her for the past 15 years – Mango jeans and white sneakers from Pull & Bear.

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  • Glam Diana
    10 / 10 Glam Diana

    In this gown with embellishments and a cape from London-based Safiyaa to host a government event, Ser looks like a queen.

    She said: “My hairstylist wanted the hair to be simple and streamlined… I wanted something elegant, timeless and confident.”

    To add some sparkle, she accessorised with diamond and morganite earrings by local jeweller Meyer Jewellery.

    A version of this story appeared in The New Paper. 

    (Photos: Instagram/Diana Ser)

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