Jeff Wang buys Taiwan house for son, gets emotional over boy’s reaction

January 31, 2019
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    Former Mediacorp actor Jeff Wang has revealed that he bought a house worth $450,000 for his 12-year-old son last year.

    After the Taiwan-born actor divorced his Singaporean wife back in 2013, he returned to his hometown with his son. The pair share parenting duties, with the boy making trips to Singapore, otherwise, his ex-wife flies over for visits.

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    “I take care of him well so that his mother doesn’t have to worry,” said the former Star Search winner.

    While he’s had a successful career in Taiwan, having starred in several long-running Taiwanese dramas, he feels remorseful for not being able to spend more time with his son as he was often tied-up with work.

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    To make it up to his son, he decided to buy a house located in Taipei’s Xindian district so that it would be more convenient for his son to travel to school, reported Lianhe Zaobao.

    When asked about his son’s reaction to the house, he said that he was greatly moved when his son came up to him and told him: “Thank you, Daddy. I like this new house very much.”

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    Despite only having a single source of income, Jeff feels thankful that he is able to provide for his family. He adds that his sister has been a great help to him as well as she would often help him take care of his son.

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    However, just like any other family, they have their own fair share of problems. The actor recalled a time when his son’s academic performance was suffering because of his addiction to the iPad.

    When he found out about it, he was so angry that he nearly threw the iPad on the ground. However, he managed to stop himself in time as he did not want his son to learn from him.

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    Thinking back on those times, he is thankful for his son’s help in “training” his EQ and considers the boy his “life coach”.

    Jeff added: “He’s very smart and also exactly like me when I was younger – insecure and lacking in self confidence.”

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    He remembered that when he first brought his son to Taiwan, his son, who was only five years old at that time, was afraid of the water, the rain and even swimming.

    However, his self-confidence has grown since he brought him to learn Wing Chun together with him.

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    While he can tell that his son is passionate about the performing arts, he does not wish for his only child to follow in his footsteps.

    “He will correct my mistakes when he sees me singing poorly on TV programmes. Occasionally, he will take his phone to record himself rapping. He even tells me that he aspires to be a Youtuber.”

    “[But] the path ahead is full of hardships. It would be great if he can scale to greater heights and become a banker, doctor or lawyer.”

    A version of this article first appeared in Asiaone.

    (Photos: Instagram/zaiwang107)

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