Joanne Peh’s daughter inspires her to launch creative children’s programme

By Lynn Wee   — January 04, 2018
  • Her parenting skills
    1 / 8 Her parenting skills

    While Joanne Peh is well-known for her acting skills and versatility, she has, in recent years, been lauded for her parenting style.

    This includes her and actor-hubby Qi Yuwu’s decision to keep their two-year-old daughter and nine-month-old son – whom she affectionately refers to as Baby Qi and Qi Di Di – out of the limelight.

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  • No electronic devices
    2 / 8 No electronic devices

    The 34-year-old doesn’t allow electronic devices, either – her children have never seen an iPad or watched television – as she believes children need human interaction to develop proper social skills.

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  • This is what you can do
    3 / 8 This is what you can do

    So, how does the loving mum keep her tykes entertained most of the time?

    The answer is simple: arts and crafts.

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  • Learn from her
    4 / 8 Learn from her

    “I’ve always loved the combination of books and art, and because there is so much cardboard lying around at home, I decided to create something based on my daughter’s favorite bedtime book (at the moment) The Pout Pout Fish. This activity is great because I could spread it out across a few days to keep her interested,” she shared in an Instagram post.

    “On the first day, I drew the body of the fish, fins, eyes and pout on cardboard, cut them out, prepped them with gesso, and laid out soft pastels and oil pastels in different shades of blue for her to colour. Then we read the book at bedtime.

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  • Quality time together
    5 / 8 Quality time together

    “Day 2, I mixed different shades of blue paint and gave her paint brushes, a wilted flower and bubble wrap to continue adding colour to the fish.

    “I helped her with the eyes, the pout and some details on the fins and tail, then hot glue everything together.

    “This book has a wonderful rhyme and plenty of art ideas that could be explored. With older kids, you could have cardboard cut outs of the different sea animals, make then into crowns and have them role play based on the conversations in the book,” she added.

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  • Her passion for the arts
    6 / 8 Her passion for the arts

    Not only did these craft activities helped facilitate Baby Qi’s artistic development, it also gave Joanne the opportunity to indulge in her passion for handicraft.

    “Having Baby Qi has ignited the creative side of me, given me the opportunity to indulge in my maternal instincts and allowed me a glimpse through the untainted eyes of a child,” she shared in a post.

    “I’m the happiest when I’m brainstorming and coming up with art-related activities.”

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  • 2018 plans
    7 / 8 2018 plans

    So, when the passionate mum announced her plans for this year, it had something to do with the arts and children.

    “2018 is glowing with lots of things happening that is close to my heart – I will return to acting, launch a new children’s programme and work on my book,” she wrote.

    “I am nervous but deeply encouraged by the good friends around me, and I wish all of you a fruitful year ahead – one filled with the best friendships.”

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  • The creative children's programme
    8 / 8 The creative children's programme

    Although it’s currently unclear when the creative children’s programme will be launched, Joanne has revealed in an interview with A List, an arts and cultural guide by the National Arts Council – she is cover girl for its January issue – that the programme will cater to kids aged four to six and she has already run a pilot workshop.

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    (Photos: Instagram/ joannepeh)

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