11 kid-friendly activities in Bangkok, Thailand

May 21, 2018
  • Play and learn
    1 / 11 Play and learn

    Located in Emporium Mall, Imaginia Playland is a technology- centric centre that caters to children from toddlers to teenagers. There are a variety of zones, each offering a “learning through play” experience.

    At Dream Jungle and Dragon Cave, for instance, kids can bounce on interactive trampolines and crawl over massive elevated nets before sliding down a giant slide. In the Time Tube Slider zone, they get to journey down a make-believe mountain range at full speed, and at the Builder’s Studio, kids are invited to create something new from specially designed wooden toys.

    Tickets start from 100 baht (S$4.20).

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  • Have a splashing good time
    2 / 11 Have a splashing good time

    Located on the sixth floor of Central Plaza in the Bang Na district, Pororo Aqua Park is a themed rooftop waterslide park, named after the South Korean cartoon penguin.

    Highlights include Tong Tong’s Magic Slide, which has a double splash pool landing; the award-winning Pororo’s Funnel, a 158m-long tubular waterslide; and Eddy’s Adventure, a convoluted slider ride.

    There are also a variety of pools for kids of all ages – Porong Porong’s River takes you all around the aqua park in a special tube float. Tickets cost 280 baht (S$11.80) per child and 400 baht per adult. Admission is free for children 90cm and shorter.

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  • Learn about marine life
    3 / 11 Learn about marine life

    With hundreds of oceanic species thriving in more than 5,000,000 litres of water, SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World is one of the largest aquariums in South-east Asia. Learn about conservation alongside your kids and watch the staff feed penguins, sharks and other creatures of the deep.

    (Photo: SilverKris)

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  • Practise being a grown-up
    4 / 11 Practise being a grown-up

    The wildly popular KidZania allows children to don all sorts of costumes and act out the roles of professionals such as firefighters, doctors and flight attendants. After a day of play, they might just get an idea or two about their future.

    (Photo: SilverKris)

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  • Jump on giant trampolines
    5 / 11 Jump on giant trampolines

    What could be better than a 5,600 sq m trampoline park? Let your kids burn off some energy and boost their physical fitness levels at Bounce Thailand. Bounce Fit caters more to adults looking to get in shape, while Mini Bounce takes extra safety precautions for tiny trampoline artists.

    (Photo: SilverKris)

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  • Go ice-skating
    6 / 11 Go ice-skating

    It might sound odd to go ice-skating while in a tropical country, but this pastime is one of Bangkok’s favourite ways to beat the heat. Rent skates by the hour at The Rink Ice Arena, which has several branches throughout the city.

    (Photo: SilverKris)

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  • See dinosaurs
    7 / 11 See dinosaurs

    Conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road right next to the EmQuartier shopping complex, Dinosaur Planet Bangkok offers a Jurassic Park-style experience with life-sized animatronic beasts from the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous periods.

    (Photo: SilverKris)

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  • Frolic about a giant playground
    8 / 11 Frolic about a giant playground

    For those rainy-season afternoons when toddlers are feeling all cooped up, the massive 2,000 sq m Funarium Indoor Playground is an easy crowd-pleaser. Everything from arts and crafts to sports is available in this primary-coloured wonder world.

    (Photo: SilverKris)

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  • Ride a swan boat
    9 / 11 Ride a swan boat

    Situated in the heart of the city, the 57.6ha Lumpini Park is a sprawling green oasis with plenty of space to play. Take turns feeding the fish or riding pedal-powered swan boats across the pond’s glassy waters.

    A version of this article first appeared on SilverKris.

    (Photo: Instagram/nilsalberteriksson)

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  • Play with snow
    10 / 11 Play with snow

    Dream World has plenty of theme-park rides and attractions for children young and old. The little ones will love playing in the indoor ball pit, riding the old-fashioned train that travels around the park, and taking a spin in the motorised bumper boats.

    For the older kids, there’s a “haunted” mansion, thrilling roller coasters and the hair-raising Viking ship ride. But what makes this park unique is Snow Town, which maintains a temperature of -8 deg C and is filled with powdery snow, slides, snow sleds and a giant snowman. All rides and attractions have minimum height requirements. From 1,100 baht (S$46) per person for unlimited rides


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  • Ride a go-kart
    11 / 11 Ride a go-kart

    Race with – or against – your kids at Easy Kart Bangkok, an indoor go-karting track. There are three different go-kart sizes to choose from, depending on how fast you want to go.

    Safety is a priority here – a team of engineers, technicians and mechanics maintain the go-karts daily, and all go-karters have to be properly attired and wear crash helmets.

    If you prefer to just watch your kids instead of take part with them, the track has an air-conditioned viewing area. Tickets start from 450 baht (S$18.90).


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