Kids’ rooms decorating ideas: 10 expert tips

October 19, 2018
  • Creative paint
    1 / 8 Creative paint

    Just like everything else in a child’s life, imagination and creativity must be nurtured to keep them alive. Bright colours like blue, pink, green and yellow appeal to children and stimulate their minds.

    Why not go a step further and paint the walls according to a theme they love? Dulux’s Far Away Places kits provide a painting system and the tools for creating an inspiring room.

    There are eight themes for children to choose from, including the pirate-themed Treasure Island, Africa-inspired Safari Land (pictured) and, for aspiring superheroes, City of Heroes.

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  • Slide for more
    2 / 8 Slide for more

    When kids move into their toddler years, they become more active as they develop more social skills and build their imagination.

    As children learn to explore their environment, they find exhilaration in classic playground toys like the slide and the swing.

    Let children engage in play with their friends in the comfort of home with the Essa Slide, available at Essa Grace, which is suitable for kids between two and six years old.

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  • Light up
    3 / 8 Light up

    Lighting is essential for comfort, safety and practicality. In addition to general lighting, include the following in a child’s room: a desk light for doing homework, a bedside light for story time, and a night light so that the room is not totally dark at bedtime.

    The size of the light should be proportionate to that of the furniture, like these (pictured) from Ikea, in order to reduce visual clutter. Keep the room softly illuminated – perfect for a child who’s afraid of the dark!

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  • Personality picks
    4 / 8 Personality picks

    Every kid has his or her own personality, and it shines through in their choice of colours, toys and habits.

    Accessories make a difference, in terms of how a room looks and how children feel in their own space.

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  • Storage tips
    5 / 8 Storage tips

    1 For young children, make sure toys and books are within reach, so that they can pick out items for themselves.

    2 Regularly declutter the room by sorting and giving away toys and books.

    3 Look for furniture pieces that can double as storage.

    4 Have a dedicated space for different items – books, toys, crafts, clothes. This helps kids pick up organisation skills, too.

    5 For maximum storage, install cabinets and shelves on walls for older children.

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  • Safe toys
    6 / 8 Safe toys

    Toys and an engaging environment help a child’s development. When choosing toys, consider those that are safe and kind to the environment.

    Wooden toys offer the benefits of durability, versatility and timelessness. They also encourage imagination, offer less distraction and help build fine motor skills.

    With wooden toys like these from Misotoys, available at Nature-K, there’s no worry if the kids bite them – the way children tend to!

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  • Sharing a room
    7 / 8 Sharing a room

    Many parents choose to have their children share a room to encourage a strong bond between siblings.

    Space can be an issue, though. Go for bunk beds to free up space for play. That said, it’s vital to maximise functionality in the space, too.

    The Tempo furniture series, available at Actus Hause, features a bunk bed, and comes with a third bed. The space-saving design can also be customised to include a wall shelf and a wall desk or storage boxes and hangers.

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  • Through the ages
    8 / 8 Through the ages

    For parents who wish to get more mileage out of the furnishings, a bed that takes a child through the growing phases would be a practical choice.

    The solid pine Space Dream bed, available from Kuhl Home, is sturdy and also sensible. Drawer storage can be fitted beneath.

    The space-themed side panel not only appeals to children, but also keeps them from falling off during slumber. Should the child’s love for space travel wane as they grow up, the side panel can simply be removed.

    A version of this article appeared on Home & Decor.

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