Kidzland indoor playground at The Grandstand: What you can expect here

By Elisa Chia   — October 06, 2017
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    If your eldest kid hankers for a visit to the arcade, while No. 2 wants a day out at the beach, and your tot is in her crawling phase, take all three to Kidzland and they will not be disappointed.

    Billed as the largest integrated indoor playground in Singapore, this play area spans a sprawling 14,000 sq ft – slightly bigger than an Olympic-size swimming pool. It opened in April this year.

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    Kidzland boasts a plethora of play zones and structures that will keep your little ones engaged for hours. Each zone has a separate charge, with prices starting from $5.

    Its star attraction is arguably The Forest, which comprises a three-level play structure where your child can crawl her way through various obstacles and tunnels.

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    Kids can jump or slide into a giant ball pit to access more play equipment, such as a climbing wall, a ball shooting station and this fun rotating swing that could sit up to eight.

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    Toddlers aren’t left out at The Forest. There are play areas featuring giant foam blocks and a slide with gentle slope. But watch out for the overexcited big kids!

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    How gorgeous is this Rainbow Net that looks like an installation befitting an arts museum? Kids can crawl into the multi-level giant “hammock”, bounce on it and even lie down here. This is also found inside The Forest play zone.

    Entry to The Forest:
    – Child (aged three and above): weekdays $20, weekends and public holidays $22
    – Toddler (aged one to two): weekdays $16, weekends and public holidays $18
    – Baby (under 12 months): free
    – Adult: $5


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    Other play zones in Kidzland include this indoor sandpit. Not only is it equipped with sand toys, it has sound and light projectors stimulating flowing water.

    Entry to the sandpit costs $5 per person.

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    The fun extends outside, too. Check out these Battle King robots which the kids can ride and control. Each ride lasts for about five minutes and costs $5.

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    Kidzland also has a huge arcade zone with child-friendly games that cost between $2 and $5.

    The machines will dispense tickets which you can accumulate to exchange for gifts before you head home.


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    But you may want to steer your little one away from this hunting arcade game.

    At a special firing range, you will pick up a toy rifle, aim and shoot the sprinting wild creatures on screen.

    The loud sounds and sight of falling “dead” animals may be frightening for some kids.

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    If your child loves craft activities, she can decorate a photo frame, string a necklace or paint a coin bank at this DIY zone. Craft kits are available from $5 to $24.

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    And look what we found near the craft corner – a play pen and diaper changing station for the little one.

    There is also a breastfeeding room with hot water dispenser next to the restrooms.

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    You can hold your child’s birthday party here, as well. There are various packages and rates start from $488 for 10 kids.

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    We like that there are free lockers where you can store your belongings.

    There is also a machine that dispenses free coffee, tea and Milo. And yes, you get free Wi-fi, too!

    Where: Level 2 Unit #02-14, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994
    Tel: 6763-3773
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