Kueh lapis kids will love: 7 best places in Singapore to buy

October 10, 2018
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    Fragrant, bouncy and buttery, kueh lapis is a yummy treat for both kids and grown-ups. That’s why this traditional Indonesian cake is a favourite tea-time snack. Here are the best in Singapore.

    Available at three locations across Singapore, Indochili’s delicious kueh lapis comes in four flavours: Original, Plum, Durian and Surabaya. Moist and non-greasy, they’re perfect for sharing with loved ones and come in medium and large sizes. Prices start at $22.

    Find out more www.indochili.com

    (Photo: indochili.com)

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    Bengawan Solo
    Arguably the go-to for most Singaporeans who love high-quality cakes and traditional pastries, Bengawan Solo is a tried-and-tested name that helps satisfy your craving for this spiced cake. Bring home a medium or large cake at $52 and $65 respectively, or snack on a single slice for only $2.20.

    Find out more www.bengawansolo.com

    (Photo: bengawansolo.com)

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    Rainbow Lapis
    Opt for its fragrant, handmade kueh lapis in three distinct flavours – Original, Pandan and Prune. Rainbow Lapis also offers delivery to homes and offices on top of regular store pick-up, so snacking on these delicacies becomes even more convenient! A whole cake costs $35.

    Find out more www.rainbowlapis.com

    (Photo: Facebook/RainbowLapis)

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    If variety is what you’re looking, Deli-Indo is the one. Offering a wide array of kueh lapis flavours to cater to all tastes, you can also expect full-bodied, fragrant traditional flavours like Mocha, Original Spice and Prune. Prices start at $23.50.

    Find out more www.deli-indo.com.sg

    (Photo: deli-indo.com.sg)

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    Swee Heng 1989
    Brighten up your day and your palate with Swee Heng 1989’s attention-grabbing baked creations. With a smooth, buttery texture, these rainbow-coloured kueh lapis retail for $9.80 each and are a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

    Find out more https://sweeheng1989.com.sg/

    (Photo: Instagram/ivan_teh_runningman)

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    Layers The Cake
    Refreshing and experimental, Layers The Cake’s seasonal kueh lapis flavours appeal to those who enjoy traditional snacks with a bold, modern twist. The online biz offers five flavours to enjoy year-round: Mom’s Recipe, Plummy Prune, Chocoholic, Death by Choc, Almond Gone Nuts and Awakening. They’re sure to make any kueh lapis lover’s day. Prices start at $21.80 for two 100g cakes.

    Find out more https://layersthecake.wordpress.com

    (Photo: Instagram/layersthecakesg)

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    If you’ve been to Takashimaya’s B2 Food Hall, you would have noticed Ollella and its sweet offerings. Alongside Original and Original Spiced flavours are Prune Rum, Salted Egg and Nutella. Tip: Mix and match for the ultimate party snacks. Prices start at $21.

    Find out more https://ollella.oddle.me/

    (Photo: Instagram/ollella_singapore)

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