Mark Lee’s child hospitalised in Hong Kong; will not complain about Singapore’s medical costs anymore

February 27, 2019
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    Mark Lee’s youngest child Calynn was admitted to a hospital in Hong Kong on Monday (Feb 25) after suffering a case of stomach flu.

    In a post uploaded on Instagram the next day, Mark’s wife Catherine Ng shared pictures of their six-year-old daughter’s condition and a summary of what had happened.


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    According to the caption, the mother-daughter duo was in Hong Kong to visit Mark. He is there to scout locations for his new film (吓死宝宝) that will begin production on March 4.

    Earlier this year, the actor-comedian turned film producer made his directorial debut in the form of Make It Big Big (玉建煌崇大件事), a reality comedy movie.

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    While Mark was in a meeting, Catherine and Calynn were on their way to have lunch when the five-year-old started vomiting six to seven times.

    The scene attracted the attention of many passers-by but sadly, only one lady offered her assistance.

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    “I was thanking her, cleaning (Calynn) up and calling my husband at the same time. This overwhelming feeling of panic is hard to put to paper,” mum Catherine wrote. The couple has two older kids, as well.

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    In an interview with Zaobao, Mark said he immediately put aside his work and rushed his daughter to three clinics and a private hospital.

    The couple were especially concerned because Calynn was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a rare medical condition in which the immune system attacks the kidneys, last year.

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    Eventually, they got her warded at Princess Margaret Hospital at the recommendation of Calynn’s specialist doctor from Singapore.

    Thankfully, the little one needed to stay for a night only and is recovering at the hotel.

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    After this experience, Mark added that he wouldn’t complain about Singapore’s medical cost in future.

    “My daughter stayed in a two-bedded ward, which costs almost S$2000 per night. Even though it’s a government hospital, it’s more expensive than what Singapore’s private hospitals would charge,” he told Zaobao.

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    Mark added that his wife had planned to take Calynn to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, but this would have to wait now.

    What’s important is that she is feeling better and can take white porridge.


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    In August last year, the family made the headlines when a scammer attempted to raise $200,000 by using a photo of Calynn lying in a hospital bed to seek donations.

    Catherine had earlier set up a Facebook page, Cheers for Calynn Lee, to ask for advice regarding her medical condition.

    Angered by the scam, they wrote: “It is immoral to cheat others. It’s even worse to use a child’s photo to do so.”

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    In an article by The New Paper, the couple has said that they will be more careful when sharing personal information online.

    “It never crossed my mind that posting her photo would create an opportunity for people to use it in a scam,” the article quoted her as saying.

    A version of this article first appeared in Asiaone; additional reporting by Young Parents.

    (Photos: Instagram)

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