McDonald’s Marine Cove at East Coast Park: get to know the new flagship restaurant

By Anita Yee   — July 01, 2016
  • A new dining experience
    1 / 10 A new dining experience

    Posh-looking sandwiches made with light rye bread, desserts such as gula melaka and coconut Swiss roll and a salad bar are not what you would expect at a fast-food restaurant, but that is the bold statement McDonald’s wants to make at its new flagship restaurant at East Coast Park.

    The restaurant offers gourmet food options alongside its no-frills burgers and fries.

    The 8,439 sq ft McDonald’s Marine Cove, which can seat 300 people, is meant to be “a testbed” for the chain to incubate new products before they are implemented in other outlets here, McDonald’s Singapore managing director Robert Hunghanfoo, 56, says.

    “This outlet is special for Singaporeans as it holds significant sentimental value for them, so we decided to use it to deliver a new dining experience and launch a new design and new products.”

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  • Salad bar with more than 10 ingredients and sauces
    2 / 10 Salad bar with more than 10 ingredients and sauces

    Anchoring the loft-like space is a sleek metallic counter that stands out from the cheerful yellow flooring and high ceilings plastered with gigantic food decals.

    The row houses cashier kiosks, a collection point, salad bar and McCafe bar, the chain’s coffeehouse that serves sandwiches and confections.

    At the salad bar, diners can choose from more than 10 ingredients and sauces (from 60 cents) such as fajita chicken strips and roasted sesame sauce to jazz up three types of salad – Caesar, Asian and Classic Green (from $3.90).

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  • Park your pram here
    3 / 10 Park your pram here

    Near the outdoor seating area and dessert kiosk (pictured above) is a dedicated area to park baby strollers.

    Inside the restaurant, kids can have fun at the Shadow Wall, which converts shadows into popular McDonaldland characters such as Grimace and Birdie.

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  • Making new memories
    4 / 10 Making new memories

    The new restaurant will not have a drive-through, unlike the old one. It was the first McDonald’s outlet in Singapore to have a drive-through and to open 24 hours.

    But Mr Hunghanfoo hopes diners can build up the emotional connection that they had with the old outlet. 

    He says: “The old outlet delivered many memorable moments, but we want to start a new generation of feel-good memories here.”

    McDonald’s Marine Cove opens on July 2. Opening hours are 6am to midnight (Sunday to Thursday) and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.

    A version of this article first appeared in The Straits Times.

    (Photos: SPH and McDonald’s)



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  • It's back at East Coast Park
    5 / 10 It's back at East Coast Park

    The golden arches of McDonald’s will be seen once more at East Coast Park‘s Marine Cove dining and recreational enclave, after closing in 2012 for redevelopment.

    The McDonald’s branch, which opened there in 1982 and became a popular hangout, was also closed four years ago.

    The fast-food chain opened another outlet at the East Coast Seafood Centre around the same time, but this closed in 2014. 

    At the new Marine Cove, McDonald’s joins other food and beverage establishments, such as Babalicious, which serves Peranakan cuisine and Hainanese chicken rice; Indian-Muslim restaurant My Briyani House; Hill Street Coffee Shop, which offers local delights; The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which has opened its biggest outlet in Singapore there, seating 250 people.


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  • New swiss rolls
    6 / 10 New swiss rolls

    Exclusive to the Marine Cove McCafé: lavender & oolong tea swiss roll (left) and gula melaka & coconut swiss roll, $3 per slice.

    Mr Hunghanfoo says expanding the menu is McDonald’s way of adapting to the evolving taste preferences of diners here. 

    The chain is looking at ways “to stay ahead and be relevant to diners”, he says, adding that the menu and research teams took a year to develop the menu after conducting research on emerging food trends and consumer feedback.

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  • Go green
    7 / 10 Go green

    Here’s the Asian salad with roasted sesame dressing. You can also customise your salad, choosing from a range of add-ons, priced from 60 cents to $1.20 each.

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  • New premium burgers
    8 / 10 New premium burgers

    Also new on the menu are a trio of premium burgers, including Spicy Tortilla ($8.95, pictured) which has Angus beef patty with creamy guacamole, crunchy tortilla chips and a fiery spicy sauce.

    There’s also Spicy Chicken with Apple Slaw ($6.95), which comes with rocket leaves and a black pepper sauce.

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  • Sweet treats
    9 / 10 Sweet treats

    At the outdoor seating area is a dessert kiosk, where sundaes and ice cream can be adorned with 17 toppings (from 70 cents) such as rainbow butter bites and vanilla cookie crumble.

    New desserts include Summer Delight ($5.50, pictured), a chocolate-dipped vanilla soft serve with corn cereal and berries in a waffle bowl.

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  • Stay fully charged
    10 / 10 Stay fully charged

    The restaurant features 30 free wireless charging stations, so you can “feed” your mobile devices while you fill your tummy.

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