Mooncakes Singapore 2016: where to buy

By Anita Yee   — August 02, 2016
  • Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
    1 / 15 Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

    Here’s an unusual pairing  the black sesame lotus seed paste with strawberry praline snowskin mooncake from Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant ($56 for six).

    It’s one of the three new flavours this year, the other two being assorted nuts with French raisins ($62 for four) and passion fruit paste with plum snowskin mooncake ($56 for six).

    To order, visit


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  • Regent Singapore
    2 / 15 Regent Singapore

    Your kids will love the clever packaging from Regent Singapore, which converts to a Chinese chessboard.

    Play a round while you indulge in its new mooncake flavours  chendol with white chocolate and momordica fruit with longan (both $64 for eight per flavour).

    Available until Sept 15, at Summer Palace (Level 3) and the Hotel Lobby (Level 1).

    Call 6725-3239 or e-mail


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  • Intercontinental Singapore
    3 / 15 Intercontinental Singapore

    All the flavours that are redolent of Spring  from zesty yuzu to peach  are found in the new snowskin mooncakes from Intercontinental Singapore ($66 for four).

    Each has a surprise filling like pistachio, chocolate pearls or chocolate truffle.

    It also has the prettiest box we’ve seen this year  a latticed treasure chest.  

    Available until Sept 15. Visit here for more information. 


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  • Bakerzin
    4 / 15 Bakerzin

    If you love black sesame, the black sesame and charcoal snowskin mooncake from Bakerzin is the one to buy.

    An intense black concoction cradles a single white chocolate ganache in the centre truffle ball.

    It’s one of the two new snowskin creations from the Celestial Collection ($50 for eight).

    Order by Sept 8 from or visit the website for outlets.  


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  • Conrad Centennial Singapore
    5 / 15 Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Strawberries and champagne have made their way into mooncakes at Golden Peony in the Conrad Centennial Singapore.

    In addition to three new flavours this year, the champagne and strawberry snowskin mooncakes ($64 for eight) can be neatly boxed in an exclusive “treasure box” (three colours to choose from) for gifting.

    Available until Sept 15. Visit


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  • Goodwood Park Hotel
    6 / 15 Goodwood Park Hotel

    For something refreshingly different, try the yuzu lychee snowskin mooncake ($33 for two; $54 for four) for its zesty citrus fragrance and bits of juicy lychee.

    Available until Sept 15 at Goodwood Park Hotel (pre-orders by Sept 9, 5pm).  

    Visit here for more information. 


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  • Chui Lau Heung
    7 / 15 Chui Lau Heung

    Chui Lau Heung’s unique Mao Shan Wang crystal durian mini mooncakes are finally here ($69.90 for six).

    155 South Bridge, a new cafe opened by established medical hall Fei Fah, is the only cafe in South-east Asia to offer this version, along with its popular durian variations. 

    All its durian mooncakes are available year-round, although the price for the crystal mooncake goes up to $87.50 outside of the Mid-Autumn Festival period.

    Available until Sept 15. Order online at, or the cafe at 39 Pagoda Street. 


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  • Carlton Hotel Singapore
    8 / 15 Carlton Hotel Singapore

    These mini red velvet snowskin mooncakes from Carlton Hotel Singapore are inspired by its cafe Tuxedo’s signature Red Velvet Cake. Each one is filled with a rich and velvety cream cheese paste, dotted with crunchy royaltine.

    Last day for pre-order is Sept 9, for collection between Aug 18 and Sept 15, 2016.

    For orders and enquiries, call 6349-1292 or e-mail


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  • Imperial Treasure
    9 / 15 Imperial Treasure

    If you’re a traditionalist at heart, these mixed nuts mooncakes ($58.00 for 4 pieces) from Imperial Treasure are sure to hit the spot. Enjoy it with a cup of your favourite tea. 

    Available from its various restaurant outlets and online channels.


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  • Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
    10 / 15 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Love chocolate and salted caramel? You’ll be thrilled with these two new snowskin flavours  chocolate brownie with cookies ($61 for 8 pieces) and, honeycomb and salted caramel with peanut praline ($61 for 8 pieces)  from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

    Created with less sugar, these mooncakes also contain no added preservatives or artificial flavourings. 

    The mooncakes are available at the hotel’s Forecourt Stall and various shopping malls from 11 August 2016.

    For orders or enquiries, visit or call 6831-4708.

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  • Old Seng Choong
    11 / 15 Old Seng Choong

    Of the seven new mooncake flavours offered by Old Seng Choong, the red bean orange peel with yolk blend & pine nuts ($58 nett for 4 pieces) piqued our interest most. 

    Inspired by the Hong Kong red bean soup dessert, the mooncake has refreshing hints of orange peel infused in a rich red bean paste, studded with pine nuts, that encloses a thick layer of salted egg yolk blend. 

    On-line sales start from now to September 15, 2016 at

    For more information on other sales outlets, visit its website


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  • Shangri-La Hotel
    12 / 15 Shangri-La Hotel

    For mooncakes with a twist, check out the Honey Chocolate Collection from Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. It features four flavours – dark chocolate, milk chocolate and salted toffee, white chocolate passion fruit with mango, and roasted Sicilian pistachio – and incorporates raw and unprocessed Leatherwood honey from Tasmania. 

    Each Honey Chocolate mooncake ($88 per box, two pieces of each flavour) comes with a delicate chocolate shell infused with a creamy mousse-like filling, enveloping a dense and luscious honey centre within. 

    Packed in a honeycomb-shaped gift box with a decorative bee feature, it’s perfect for gifting.

    Available at the lobby of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore from now to September 15, 2016, and retail booths located at shopping malls island-wide. Also online at

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  • Amara Hotel Singapore
    13 / 15 Amara Hotel Singapore

    A tantalising selection of traditional baked mooncakes ($64-68 for 4 pieces, depending on flavours) and snowskin mooncakes ($62-68 for 8 pieces, depending on flavours) await you at Silk Road at Amara Hotel, Singapore. 

    For enquiries or orders, call 6227-3848 or email


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  • Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
    14 / 15 Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    We especially like the tea-pairing idea – Tie Guan Yin Fragrant Oolong and Sencha Green Extra Special from Dilmah – with the new tea-flavoured (osmanthus and green tea) baked mooncakes ($78 for 4 pieces).  

    And you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too as the mooncakes and tea are packed in a limited edition bamboo box – perfect for gifting and it’s recyclable too. Only 2000 pieces are available. 

    For orders and enquiries, call 6730-0192 or email

    Visit for more information. 


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  • Universal Studios Singapore
    15 / 15 Universal Studios Singapore

    The kids will go bananas over these Minion mooncakes. Each set of four pieces costs $58 and comes in matcha, pandan, red bean and banana (but of course!) flavours, together with a Minion lantern.

    But here’s the catch – the mooncake kiosk is within Universal Studios Singapore, so you’ll need to fork out admission first, or get a friend with an annual pass to help you buy it by Sept 15.

    Click here for details.  

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