Best mooncakes to buy for kids and families this mid-autumn festival 2019

August 16, 2019
  • Goodwood Park Hotel
    1 / 11 Goodwood Park Hotel

    Yes, everyone loves its D24 Durian snowskin mooncakes ($46 for two pieces), but don’t overlook its other tropical fruit-based variants, which include this year’s new offering, New Kiwi Dragonfruit Manuka Honey ($36 for two), and returning favourite, Cempedak ($40 for two). We really loved the latter, which is bursting with flavours from flesh from fresh Cempedak fruit. Tasty, refreshing and not overly dominant, this is a satisfying snack for tropical fruit lovers.

    Available till Sept 13 at The Deli, Goodwood Park Hotel. Visit 

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  • Icenoie Hokkaido
    2 / 11 Icenoie Hokkaido

    If you like ice cream mooncakes, save your tummy space for the range from popular gelato and soft-serve specialist from Hokkaido. It makes its mooncake debut this year with six flavours: chocolate, double cheese, strawberry, cookies and cream, matcha and fresh milk ($6 each). Just like its gelato, these mooncakes are made with its signature 100 per cent Hokkaido raw milk and non-additives.

    Available at its stores and Takashimaya Square. Find out more at

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  • Old Seng Choong
    3 / 11 Old Seng Choong

    Veteran pastry chef Daniel Tay has come up with a mooncake collection featuring popular local flavours with a twist. Think savoury Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa, White Lotus Paste with Pumpkin Seeds, White Lotus Paste Yolk Blend and Black Sesame with Yolk Blend and Melon Seeds. Get a box of these four assorted mooncakes, dubbed the Four Heavenly Kings ($68.80), to share with your family.

    Available till Sept 13 at and in-store. Alternatively, buy them from Takashimaya Square.

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  • Crystal Jade
    4 / 11 Crystal Jade

    Crafted with a premium low-sugar natural white lotus paste, Crystal Jade’s offerings make it to our list of healthier choice mooncakes. This year, its eight mini treasures ($68) showcases two new baked renditions: Oolong Pu’er, which possesses a fine balance of the robustness of pu’er black tea and the delicate and alluring fragrance of oolong. There’s also Black Sesame & Lotus which hits the toasty and nutty notes and aroma of the dark seed.

    Another fab gift option is the Happiness Four ($68 for four pieces), which comprises white lotus paste with single and double yolk, white lotus paste with melon seed version and the classic assorted nuts and chicken ham.

    Available till Sept 13 at all Crystal Jade outlets.

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  • Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza
    5 / 11 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

    The hotel’s Cantonese restaurant Wan Hao has prepared 11 mooncake creations that range from timeless classics to unique flavours. Each piece is also meticulously handcrafted, and both the baked and snowskin varieties have no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. This year, the mooncakes come in a chic two-tier Chinese cabinet with gold coloured knobs and ring holders and floral motifs that exudes a graceful, oriental vibe.

    If you want to try something new but don’t want to venture too far from the usual, go for the White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncakes with Jambon de Bayonne, Lavender & Pistachio ($72 for four pieces). The sweetness of the lotus paste balances out the salty and gamey mouthfeel of the ham and you get the fragrance and crunch from the pistachios.

    Available till Sept 13 at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Pre-order at Alternatively, buy them from Takashimaya Square.

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  • Man Fu Yuan, Intercontinental Singapore
    6 / 11 Man Fu Yuan, Intercontinental Singapore

    This lovely box of premium Ronnefeldt tea-infused snowskin mooncakes($76 for four pieces) will please everyone in the family with its varied flavours. Daddy will love the Irish Whiskey Cream Assam Tea with Milk Chocolate Truffle, while your kids will want to chope the Soft Peach Tea with Pumpkin Seeds and Ginger Passionfruit Jelly Truffle. There’s also Morgentau Tea with Hazelnut Chocolate Pearls and Peppermint Tea with Chia Seeds and Lemon Hibiscus Jelly Truffle.

    If your in-laws are watching their sugar intake, they will be delighted to receive the low-sugar lotus paste and macadamia nuts baked mooncakes ($72 for four pieces).

    Available till Sept 13 at the hotel and online at

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  • Janice Wong
    7 / 11 Janice Wong

    A unique twist to the Chinese festival snack, the limited-edition Mooncake Box Set ($65) showcases nine assorted mooncakes, with each piece celebrating key ingredients from nine prefectures in Japan. Housed in a pretty blue box, these mooncakes have distinctive ingredients that were personally sourced by brand founder and chef Janice herself, who travelled to each prefecture to get them. They include kinako (roasted soy flour) from Hokkaido, ume (Asian plum) from Wakayama, hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) from Kyoto and chestnut from Kumamoto. Our favourite is the Sweet Potato from Tokushima. In fact, it feels like you’re eating mashed sweet potato. Earthy, sweet and comforting, this would be a delight to both the young and old.

    Available for pre-order at Orders reaching $300 and above will receive free delivery. Alternatively, buy them from Takashimaya Square.

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  • Awfully Chocolate
    8 / 11 Awfully Chocolate

    This is for the chocolate connoisseur in your family. The Chocolate Mooncake Truffles is a collection with pairings of different types of chocolate ganache and “yolk” centres such as espresso and white chocolate lemon feuilletine. The Asian-inspired Chocolate Sesame with Green-Tea Yolk charms with unsweetened black sesame and matcha, while the Champagne Chocolate with Sour Cherry Yolk pairs 70 per cent dark chocolate ganache with the fruitiness of French cherries. Each box, which includes four flavours and has eight pieces, goes for $88.

    Available at mooncake fairs including at Takashimaya Square B2. Alternatively, pre-order at its outlets islandwide.

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  • Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore
    9 / 11 Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore

    Another option for chocolate lovers: Mini Snow Skin Chia Seed Dark Chocolate ($68 per box of eight pieces) from Li Bai. This new flavour features a core made of bittersweet dark chocolate that is generously studded with chia seeds.

    If you prefer traditional baked signatures, the Super Seeds Mixed Nuts mooncakes ($76 per box of four) pack a nutritional punch with 10 healthy ingredients that are rich in antioxidants: chia seed, walnut, macadamia nut, almond, pine nut, prune, pistachio, apricot, melon seed and goji berry.

    Available till Sept 13, at Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore, or lobby level booth. Visit for orders.

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  • Hilton Singapore
    10 / 11 Hilton Singapore

    Oh my, that limited edition handbag packaging with bamboo handle and a chinoiserie wrapping of oriental graphics and floral motif is enough to make your heart skip a beat. Fill it with baked mooncakes which include the usual traditional ones as well as purple sweet potato with walnuts mooncake and the hotel’s new creation, the citrus peel apricot with white lotus mooncake.

    Its snowskin offerings ($66 for a box of eight) include blueberry cheesecake, passion fruit with mint, lychee chocolate truffle and dark chocolate with crunchy pearl.

    Available till Sept 13 at D9 Cakery, Lobby Level, Hilton Singapore. Visit

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  • Jade Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotels Singapore
    11 / 11 Jade Restaurant, The Fullerton Hotels Singapore

    Like the traditional kueh, each Ondeh Ondeh Snow skin Mooncake ($73 for four pieces) has a gula melaka centre which gives a sweet surprise. Thankfully, the pandan-infused lotus paste isn’t too sweet. Flecks of coconut flakes give each bite a nice crunch so the mooncake is not too one-dimensional.

    Besides the Singapore-inspired flavours, there are also others such as the Fullerton Golden Custard Mini Mooncakes, a combination of savoury salted egg yolk and sweet custard encased in light butter pastry; and the White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Snow Skin Mooncake, which features a smooth salty-sweet white lotus seed paste. A new addition is the Mixed Nuts with Dried Apricot Baked Mooncake, a rich medley of almonds, walnuts and pine nuts studded with morsels of dried apricot and encased in a baked pastry, if you’re into something healthier.

    Available till Sept 13 at The Fullerton Cake Boutique, The Fullerton Hotels Singapore. Pre-order online at

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