Next-level gifts that celebrities bought their parents – including a hotel!

August 11, 2019
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    When we want to thank our parents, we take them out for a nice dinner or buy them a thoughtful gift. When celebrities thank their parents, they go to great lengths to impress them! Here’s what several Asian celebs did for Mum, Dad, and their families.


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  • Louis Koo
    2 / 10 Louis Koo

    Hong Kong actor Louis Koo has reportedly splurged on a HK$50 million (S$8.74 million) yacht for his mum. The reason? He wanted his mother to enjoy a better view of the fireworks on Victoria Bay.

    According to reports, the 48-year-old bachelor purchased the luxury Princess 88 yacht at the beginning of the year. However, the 29-metre-long yacht just arrived on Hong Kong shores recently and is currently docked in the Tsing Yi area while further works are carried out on it.

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    Now for a closer look at what $8.74 million will fetch you in terms of yachts – the boat spans three storeys, with an open-air lounge area (perfect for viewing those fireworks), main deck and lower deck. The lower deck also includes four en-suite cabins, each one spacious enough to accommodate a king-sized bed.

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    While his extravagance might raise eyebrows, Louis is known for being a filial and devoted son who still lives with his parents. When Hong Kong paparazzi spotted him on a dinner date with his mum in February this year, they marvelled at how he took care of her and kept serving her food the entire night.

    Of course, when your pockets are as deep as these stars, money is no object when it comes to making your family happy.

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  • Nicholas Tse
    5 / 10 Nicholas Tse

    It literally pays to be on Nicholas Tse’s good side. The actor has reportedly purchased property for his mum, dad and his sister. According to 8 Days, Nicholas bought a mansion worth HK$30million for his mum Deborah Lee in 2016. He then purchased a seafront property worth HK$85million for his dad Patrick Tse in 2017.

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    His sister Jennifer Tse wasn’t left out. She reportedly received an apartment Harbour One building in the Central district in 2017. However, Nicholas is not speaking to Jennifer after being upset by her decision to be single mother. Guess he won’t be gifting any more mansions any time soon.

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  • Jay Chou
    7 / 10 Jay Chou

    Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, who penned the song, Listen to Mother’s Words, has long been known for his filial piety. But instead of giving his mum an extravagant gift, he did one better.


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    The father of two kids, who has a reported net worth of $216 million,  reportedly gives all his earnings to her. According to a 2015 report in The Star, Jay’s mother has full control of his finances –- he only gets money from his mother when he needs it.


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  • G-Dragon
    9 / 10 G-Dragon

    While luxury gifts can be attractive, South Korean singer-songwriter G-Dragon chose the practical route, gifting his family with a hotel.


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    According to CNN, The boutique hotel in Pocheon, Korea, cost him about $1.1 million. The hotel, which has themed decor and rooms named after G-Dragon’s songs, was set-up in 2012 and is still in operation.

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    A version of this article first appeared in Asiaone.

    Photos: Instagram,, Dolce Vita Pension

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