Best playgrounds in Singapore: Parent’s guide to the new Buds playground by Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

By Elisa Chia   — March 09, 2018
  • Everyone is welcome
    1 / 19 Everyone is welcome

    Did you know that Shangri-La Hotel near Orchard Road has launched a huge indoor and outdoor playground for kids? It isn’t just for hotel guests; it welcomes the public, too.

    During a recent visit with our kids, we had planned to spend the afternoon there, but ended up leaving only at 9pm when it closed. That’s how engaging it was!

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  • Don't forget socks
    2 / 19 Don't forget socks

    Here’s where you should leave your footwear and bags before entering. Adults and kids must wear anti-slip socks.

    Remind your kids to bring their water bottles into the play area – they should drink up to stay hydrated while running around. The bottles can be left on a trolley just after the entrance.

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  • Sizzling action
    3 / 19 Sizzling action

    Explorer Zone, its indoor play space for kids aged four and up, has specially curated installations to suit five themed areas: Fire Mountain, Waterfall, Underwater, Space and Mesh Cave.

    Here, you’re looking at the Fire Mountain, where kids can slide into a giant ball pit.

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  • Aim and shoot
    4 / 19 Aim and shoot

    Children will love the soft-ball blasters. Parents can join in too, and have a friendly match with the little ones.

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  • Space travel
    5 / 19 Space travel

    On the second level of the play structure, kids enter the mysterious outer space zone. While navigating the rope course, they can pick up fascinating facts about the planets, too.

    Our 10-year-old came back and shared proudly: Venus is the only planet in the solar system to spin backwards!

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  • Grow a flower
    6 / 19 Grow a flower

    Encourage your kids to pick up the toy spades and role-play as gardeners at this cassia seeds-filled play pit. How pretty is the wall decor!

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  • Hello there, Baby
    7 / 19 Hello there, Baby

    Babies and toddlers aren’t left out. Look how fun this dedicated play space is!

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  • Hop on
    8 / 19 Hop on

    At the toddler zone, young guests can also enjoy free kiddy rides.

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  • Let's bake
    9 / 19 Let's bake

    For an additional fee, children can sign up for special activities, such as a hands-on cookie baking class.

    A hotel chef will take them through the full process, from whipping up the cream in a Kitchenaid stand mixer to kneading the dough and icing the cookies.

    This 1.5-hour class is recommended for kids from age six. Fees start from $58.

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  • Sing out loud
    10 / 19 Sing out loud

    If your children aspire to be superstars, they will love the song-and-dance workshop at Stage.

    Our kids learnt to sing from their diaphragms and picked up two musical numbers from The Sound of Music.

    The fee for this one-hour session starts from $25.

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  • Get your hands dirty
    11 / 19 Get your hands dirty

    We love this Muddy room as well, where kids can channel their inner Picassos. After a storytelling session, they can learn to make crafts and even doodle on the wall.

    The fee for this one-hour session also starts from $25. Hotel guest can enjoy one free activity at Muddy or Stage.

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  • Art gallery
    12 / 19 Art gallery

    Check out the masterpieces done by the little ones.

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  • Washy washy clean
    13 / 19 Washy washy clean

    This lovely room has a low sink for young ones to wash their hands in after painting – with Mustela cleansing gel, no less.

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  • Happy birthday, little one
    14 / 19 Happy birthday, little one

    Celebrating your kid’s birthday soon? Book this cool party room with balloon-shaped colour-changing lights.

    The basic package costs $988 nett for 12 kids and 12 adults. It includes a choice of three food items and one drink, as well as three hours of indoor playtime at Buds.

    The premium package is at $1,388 nett for 12 kids and 12 adults. It includes a choice of five food items and one drink, as well as four hours of playtime. It also comes with a themed activity for your little guests.

    Choose from three themes: Superstar (a music themed party where little guests get to record a music video), Wild Wonder (an animal-themed art party) and A Royal Fiesta (a knight and princess themed art party).

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  • Have a cuppa
    15 / 19 Have a cuppa

    While your kids run loose at the playground, you can enjoy coffee and snacks at the Recharge cafe beside the entrance. A cup of latte and a slice of salted toffee brownie cost $6 each.

    You can ask the staff to refill your water bottles here, for free.

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  • Recharge your devices, too
    16 / 19 Recharge your devices, too

    At the cafe, you’ll find electric sockets and USB power ports. Bring along your laptop to watch Netflix, if you like.

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  • Splashing fun
    17 / 19 Splashing fun

    Pack your kids’ towels and swimwear or extra outfits because there’s an outdoor water play area, as well.

    Walk past the hotel’s main pool and you’ll see signs leading to this wet wonderland that is exclusive to Buds’ guests. There are toilets with changing rooms nearby. These are air-conditioned though, so your little ones might find them cold.

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  • Ahoy, Matey!
    18 / 19 Ahoy, Matey!

    If you’ll rather have them stay dry, steer them towards the pirate ship structure, which has slides and a shaky bridge. That’s lots of fun, too!

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  • Take your kids here
    19 / 19 Take your kids here

    Buds by Shangri-la is located next to the hotel’s famous The Line buffet restaurant. It’s open daily from 9am to 9pm.

    The public rate is at $48 for three hours for kids aged four to 12, $28 for tots aged one to three, and includes one adult entry per child.

    Find out more here.

    (Photos: Young Parents)

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