Best places to get unique, personalised, custom-made gifts for babies, mums and dads

July 05, 2019
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    It can be tough finding a perfect gift for that important person in your life, whether it’s your child, spouse or friend. But nothing says “I care about you” more than something that came out of careful deliberation and thought.

    Besides, not only are customised and personalised gifts way more significant and heartfelt, they also prove to your recipient that you’re no regifter. Win-win.

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  • Storybook
    2 / 10 Storybook

    Have a friend who has just had a newborn? This personalised book would make a perfect gift for baby’s one-month celebration. The book will feature the little one’s name and cast them as the hero/heroine of the story. Wonderbly, which ships worldwide, has various themes, such as Where Are You, Lost My Name, and Bedtime for (insert name here), and the books come in softback or hardback options. Plus you get to include a dedicated message within the pages as well. It’ll be a unique and meaningful present that will be cherished for years — and hopefully inspire them to love reading too. From $24.99.


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  • Bath towels & sleeping bags
    3 / 10 Bath towels & sleeping bags

    Featuring exclusive designs by independent artists, these charming pieces will make little ones look forward to everyday routines like bedtime and bath-time. The animal face on the sleeping bag ($158.70) can be used as a pillow, while the towel’s adorable hood ($79.30) helps to dry little heads quickly. Both items are machine-washable, made of soft comfortable materials, and extremely snuggle-able.


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  • Flash cards
    4 / 10 Flash cards

    Using flash cards with babies and toddlers is a great way to introduce words and ideas to them. The simple, attractive illustrations and clear text on these flash cards ($49.90) are designed to catch the eyes of little ones. And they can be personalised with the child’s name to foster a sense of ownership.

    Besides alphabet flash cards, the store also offers bilingual flash cards that feature both the English and Chinese names of various animals. A useful tool for exposing kids to a second language, these cards can be printed with their Chinese names.


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  • Pyjamas
    5 / 10 Pyjamas

    No list of personalised children’s products would be complete without a mention of clothes. There are many options available for cute baby and children’s clothes printed with names, special words and graphics. But, you might not want strangers to know your little one’s name for security reasons. So, it may be safer to keep personalisation of garments to those that are worn only at home. Check out these adorable pyjama sets ($43.95 for summer sets; $56.95 for winter sets). They feature minimal designs and timeless stripes, and are perfect for helping kids sleep comfortably through the night.


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  • Plush toys
    6 / 10 Plush toys

    These adorable personalised plush toys ($48.90) are actually mini versions of your mini-me. Meant to be fun childhood companions, these dolls are completely customisable. From the colour and style of their hair to the design of their clothes – you can also choose to print a name on your doll. There are three ‘Lil Girl’ and three ‘Lil Boy’ characters to base your plushie on. Standing at about 30cm tall, each of these are made from organic cotton and stuffed with polyester. There is even a personalised pet plush toy for those with fur-babies.


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  • Pillows and cushions
    7 / 10 Pillows and cushions

    Based in Estonia, this Etsy store offers a wide range of lovely baby pillows (from $33). The pillows are shaped like clouds, raindrops, animals, ice cream, fruits, and more. Each pillow has a calm and soothing face, and can be embroidered with a name, in a font of your choice. Designed to be held comfortably by little hands, all of the store’s pillows are made with 100-per-cent cotton and filled with hypoallergenic polyfibre. The fabric used in the pillows has been washed with eco-green conditioner, and only non-toxic paint is used. This is done to ensure that the pillows are safe for babies and young kids. Personalisation costs an addition $10.


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  • Bags
    8 / 10 Bags

    Kipling is known for its lightweight, durable bags, and there’s a dizzy range of style and size for Mummy, Daddy and the little one. But did you know that it also offers customisation? Top up $10 and you can embroider up to eight letters and numbers on the item purchased. This service takes about a week, and is available at its stores at Bugis Junction, Ion Orchard, 313 Somerset, Jem and Vivocity.


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  • Water bottles
    9 / 10 Water bottles

    Why get regular tumblers and flasks when you can have one that screams your name — in a cool font. Misty Daydream has a whole range of stainless steel double-walled flasks that will not just keep your drinks hot and cold for hours; they also come in fashionable shades such as hot pink, marble, rose, gold, rose gold and black. Choose from fonts such as signature, retro, geometric, sweetheart and more, and decide if you want the name to be horizontal or vertical.


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  • Cardholder with lanyard
    10 / 10 Cardholder with lanyard

    What started out as a school project in 2012 among three Polytechnic students branched into a full-fledged business after the trio found a market for providing unique and personalised gifts. TheImprint Singapore allows you to customise a whole array of products, from phone cases to mugs and passport holders. Our vote goes to the burgundy cardholder with lanyard, which is made with saffiano microfiber leather and comes with three card pockets. Also available in black, navy or nude, you can add a monogram in gold, silver or rose gold for a maximum of seven characters. Minimalist and elegant, it’s perfect for the working parent.


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