Piece of Peace exhibition in Singapore: What you should know about the Lego installations

By Elisa Chia   — July 27, 2017
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    The Piece Of Peace exhibition, featuring Lego replicas of Unesco World Heritage sites, is finally here in Singapore. Now touring the world, it originated in Japan 14 years ago.

    Singapore is the first Asean stop – and yes, our Botanic Gardens has been added to the displays. The detailed replica is made up of some 10,000 Lego bricks and took 14 days to build.

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    At the exhibition, you’ll be able to catch replicas of other notable sites in Asia, as well.

    This includes Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley (pictured), Japan’s Mount Fuji and India’s Taj Mahal.

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    But it isn’t all about Asia’s heritage sites. You’ll also see recreations of Mexico’s historic town of Guanajuato (pictured), Egypt’s Great Temple at Abu Simbel, Greece’s Acropolis in Athens and Australia’s Sydney Opera House.

    There are over 40 replicas of famous heritage sites from 34 countries.

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    What’s unique to the Singapore stop of the world tour is the Brick by Brick SG art installation (pictured).

    You can use the Lego bricks provided on-site to come up with a Singapore landmark. The most creative models of the day will be kept and added to the installation.

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    There is a play zone where kids can release their pent-up energy after viewing the Lego replicas of the heritage sites sooo patiently.

    Here, your child can help to decorate Lego cupcakes and role-play as police officer.

    (If you find the play zone familiar, that’s because it was also set up at Parkway Parade during the June school holidays.)

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    After touring the exhibition, you can take a selfie or welfie at one of the photo booths.

    There is also a merchandise store where you can buy Lego brick sets. From July 27 to 30, there is a special “buy two, get one free” offer.

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  • Piece of Peace in Singapore
    7 / 7 Piece of Peace in Singapore

    When: July 27 to Sept 3
    Where: Fort Canning Arts Centre
    Admission: $17 (weekday) and $19 (weekend) for those above 17 years old; $13 (weekday) and $15 (weekend) for ages four to 16, as well as 60 and above.

    Funds raised for the Singapore leg of the exhibition will aid the beneficiaries of the Singapore Children’s Society.

    (Photos: Young Parents)

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