Best playgrounds in Singapore: East Coast Park’s Marine Cove

July 02, 2016
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    After an $18-million revamp, the recreational enclave at East Coast Park boasts new eateries and a 3,500 sq m playground (about half the size of a football field) catering to children of different ages and diverse abilities.

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  • Three-storey tower
    2 / 9 Three-storey tower

    An 8m, three-storey tower is the playground’s focal point. It consists of many play elements including three slides, a rope bridge and climbing net courses. Kids can climb up the tower through a funnel net in the middle

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  • Three slides of different levels
    3 / 9 Three slides of different levels

    Modelled after a lighthouse, the 8m tall tower has three slides of different challenge levels.

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  • Take a rope walk
    4 / 9 Take a rope walk

    The play tower is connected to a rope bridge, that’s sturdy enough for parents to step on and enjoy with their kids.

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  • Rope obstacles
    5 / 9 Rope obstacles

    Besides the play tower, there’s plenty more to keep older kids aged five to twelve years very busy.

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    The swing set includes an accessible swing seat equipped with a safety harness for security.

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    The playground has a range of equipment suitable for children aged between two and 12. 

    Wheelchair-friendly play equipment are also available, such as the Neo ring, an interactive game station installed at waist-level that gives wheelchair-using children easy access to play it.

    A yellow and blue Cosy Cocoon sits in a corner, serving as a space to escape from overstimulation, which some children with special needs may face after intense play.

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  • Can you sea it?
    8 / 9 Can you sea it?

    The sea-facing playground is designed to integrate with the surrounding greenery and the beach setting within East Coast Park. 

    To make it more accessible, a new linkway has been built to connect the dining outlets with the nearby underpass to Marine Terrace.

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  • Toilets for the little ones
    9 / 9 Toilets for the little ones

    You’ll also find a new standalone public toilet which incorporates restrooms, sinks and shower facilities tailored to children (pictured above).

    A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times. 

    (Photo: Young Parents)


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