4 reasons why Daniel Wu is a fab dad

March 13, 2018
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    To date, Daniel Wu has worked on some 70 movies and TV series.

    He started his career in Hong Kong, starring in movies such as Gen-X Cops and New Police Story.

    He has also been venturing into Hollywood productions, too. Fans will know him from movies like Geostorm and the television series Into The Badlands.

    Most recently, he will be starring in the Lara Croft remake, Tomb Raider, headlined by Alicia Vikander.

    Most people know him as an action star, but here are 4 reasons why actor Daniel Wu is a great dad, too.

    (Photo: Instagram/thatdanielwu)

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  • He prioritises his family
    2 / 5 He prioritises his family

    Actor Daniel Wu shares that fatherhood has changed him incredibly.

    He says in an interview with The Star, “Before, I would just take on jobs just to keep busy. Now, family is my number 1 priority and work has taken second place to that.”

    “And so, when I look at work, I see how that affects my family, or how it can enrich my family – by going to Ireland for eight months (to shoot TV series Into The Badlands), my daughter gets to see a whole different world for a long period of time. So, I look from that perspective,” explains the 43-year-old, who is based in Hong Kong.

    (Photo: Instagram/thelisa_s)

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  • He keeps his daughter out of the spotlight
    3 / 5 He keeps his daughter out of the spotlight

    Having a famous movie star dad may sound glamourous, but Daniel wants to keep his four-year-old daughter, Raven, out of the spotlight for now.

    He and his wife, model-actress Lisa S., do not post many photos of Raven on their Instagram accounts.

    He says, “I’m not 100 per cent sure if my daughter is aware of what I do for a living.”

    “I asked her the other day if she knows what my job is and she said, ‘Yeah. You are working (to pay) for my college.’ Which is true, I guess,” he added during the interview.

    (Photo: Instagram/thelisa_s)

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  • He styles his daughter’s hair
    4 / 5 He styles his daughter’s hair

    Earlier this year, he took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of his daughter’s braided hair.

    “Big win for 2018! I braided my daughter’s hair. Elsa ain’t got nothin’ on this!” he captioned the photo.

    We think he did a great job!

    (Photo: Instagram/thatdanielwu)

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  • He works out with his daughter
    5 / 5 He works out with his daughter

    Daniel Wu has many experiences as an action star, so we know he needs to stay fit.

    But who says working out can’t be bonding time too?

    Daniel shared an Instagram video of him and his daughter using the treadmills at the gym.

    A family that trains together stays together, indeed.

    (Photo: Instagram/thatdanielwu)

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