The heartbreaking reason why daddy blogger The Perfect Father is so committed to his 4 kids

By Lynn Wee   — June 14, 2017
  • "I can always strive to be, but never be the perfect dad"
    1 / 7 "I can always strive to be, but never be the perfect dad"

    You might scoff at his social-media handle – The “Perfect” Father – but blogger Steven Teo, is quick to qualify it.

    “The inverted commas are there to remind me that I can always strive to be, but never be the perfect dad. So, I’ll try to be the best father I can be,” the 39-year-old says.

    With four ebullient kids in tow – Steffi is nine, Leroy is eight, Stacci is six, and Louie is three years old – you wonder how he juggles a full-time job in sales retail management, blogging, and his responsibilities as a father.

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  • It's a great partnership
    2 / 7 It's a great partnership

    “I guess I have it easy because of my wife (Poo Lai Fong, also 39, who works full-time as an administration manager). It’s a great partnership from the beginning – she’s my partner in crime, and partner in parenting.”

    While both work full time, they have a mutual agreement that whenever one has overtime, the other has to be home for the kids.

    The Teos have a helper who does the chores.

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  • Up-and-coming blogger daddy
    3 / 7 Up-and-coming blogger daddy

    On a typical workday, Steven’s evening includes feeding and showering the little ones, while ensuring the older two finish their homework.

    Only after his kids go to bed at around 10pm does he blog for about an hour or two.

    His musings on fatherhood, which started in 2014 at, have certainly struck a chord, making him one of the up-and-coming blogger parents here.

    Name the latest kid-friendly activities or places, and his family has probably already been invited there.

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  • He has done it all
    4 / 7 He has done it all

    Steven’s childhood shaped his parenting philosophy profoundly. He was left in the care of his grandmother for most days, and had little interaction with his parents, which is why he resolved to never do the same with his own children.

    From showering and changing their nappies to being their personal hairstylist, he has done it all.

    He even recalls the time when he resorted to physically sucking his kids’ phlegm and mucus out when the baby nose cleaner didn’t work.

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  • A life-changing experience
    5 / 7 A life-changing experience

    Having children has clearly changed his life. Steven recalls how he was hooked on to smoking for over 20 years.

    One day, when he was about to take a puff outside, Steffi, then three, looked him in the eye and said: “Daddy, if you smoke some more, you are going to die and we cannot be together anymore.”

    That innocent sentence shook his world. It was his last pack.

    “Now that I have experienced fatherhood myself, I can clearly say that it’s totally worth it,” he adds.

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  • A solo trip with each child
    6 / 7 A solo trip with each child

    Steven understands the importance of spending quality time with each kid, which is why he takes them on solo trips.

    He whisked Steffi away to Korea in 2014, Leroy to the Gold Coast, Australia, in 2016, and Stacci to Perth in May this year.

    He plans to take the youngest, Louie, on a similar holiday in a few years’ time.

    “These trips have enabled me to learn more about each child, far more intimately than I would be able to do so back home, where I would usually be easily distracted with work or their siblings,” he explains.

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  • Be your kid's buddy
    7 / 7 Be your kid's buddy

    So whether you have one child or four, Steven’s tip for dads is to “be fun-loving, bring out the inner kid in yourself, and be buddies with your kids”.

    It certainly seems to have worked for him.

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    (Photos: Young Parents and Instagram/ Theperfectfather

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