Singapore mom influencer shares 4 ways to make your Instagram photos of kids look amazing!

By Elisa Chia   — February 23, 2018
  • How to shoot better Insta photos
    1 / 9 How to shoot better Insta photos

    Why arent the Instagram photos of your kids as gorgeous as those from parent influencers? We get mummy Daphne Erokhin to spill her Instagram secrets.

    Daphne bought a Nikon D5100 camera to shoot photos for her online clothing store, Dreams Avenue, but ended up taking more pictures of her daughters Naomi, seven, and Skyler, three, instead. Despite having no background in photography, she’s amassed over 11,500 followers with her engaging pictures.

    Here, she shows us before and after photos to illustrate how you can take better photos of your kids.

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  • Lighting: Before
    2 / 9 Lighting: Before

    Direct sunlight can be too harsh.

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  • Lighting: After
    3 / 9 Lighting: After

    Natural light is best for photo-taking and helps capture focused shots of active kids. I love window lighting, too. It can brighten the photos naturally with a soft glow.

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  • Composition: Before
    4 / 9 Composition: Before

    Use your surroundings to help “frame” the picture. 

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  • Composition: After
    5 / 9 Composition: After

    I like to look out for architectural features. In this example, using the hole in the wall helps make the photo a more interesting one, as compared to one that is snapped without thought (previous page).

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  • Location: Before
    6 / 9 Location: Before

    Setting a theme and choosing the perfect location for a shoot can be a game changer.
    For Chinese New Year, taking photos at Chinatown will accentuate the festive feel.

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  • Location; After
    7 / 9 Location; After

    Time your visit and go when there it’s less crowded, so it will be easier to get your shot. It will also be less stressful for you and the kids.

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  • Angle: Before
    8 / 9 Angle: Before

    I usually position the camera at my children’s eye level or lower. If your kids don’t like to pose, it’s okay. Just be ready to snap candid shots when they are playing.

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  • Angle: After
    9 / 9 Angle: After

    Sometimes, I change my angle just so I can let more light in, as well as to capture a more interesting perspective. Look how I caught her reflection in the glass, in this example.

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