Singapore’s best children’s birthday party planners

February 01, 2019
  • Abite
    1 / 13 Abite

    Don’t expect cookie-cutter party decorations from Abite. Its winning combination of stylish cakes and dessert tables, themed decorations, and life-size replicas of kids’ favourite cartoon characters – such as Sesame Street, Lilo & Stitch and Disney princesses – as backdrops, has won it many fans. It also claims to be the first in Singapore to offer 3-D backdrops.

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  • Abite
    2 / 13 Abite

    Its portfolio of high-profile customers includes Instagram twin-stars Leia and Lauren (pictured), popular influencer Tammy Tay, Singapore billionaire Peter Lim and daughter Kim Lim, and Korean artistes such as GDragon and Song Joong Ki.

    Founded by Hilary Beh in 2013, this home-grown bakery first specialised in producing sweet treats before expanding to include event styling. That department is headed by co-director Khor Shu Kim.

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  • Abite
    3 / 13 Abite

    The most expensive kids’ party it styled was a construction-themed birthday celebration for a three-year-old boy, which included a handmade cake, dessert table, private dinner catering, organic balloon decorations, toy vehicle rental, a photo booth, a magician act, balloon sculpting and a faux arm tattoo station. The bill: About $18,000.

    How much Dessert table packages start from $650, while a 3-D backdrop starts from $4,500, depending on the size.

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  • The Wedding Entourage
    4 / 13 The Wedding Entourage

    You read it right – The Wedding Entourage isn’t just for brides. Helmed by Caroline Yakop-Lim and Mark Cuylenburg (also known as The Flying Dutchman on One 91.3FM), it has 15 years of experience in styling a myriad of celebrations.

    Following its belief that there’s no idea too grand or outrageous to handle, it has planned unique birthday party themes, from Godzilla and a fairy-tale wonderland to retro-Singapore.

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  • The Wedding Entourage
    5 / 13 The Wedding Entourage

    Its most extravagant children’s bash was a whimsical carnival-themed baby celebration, which boasted a life-size carousel with giant props, turning teacups, hot air balloons and a dessert table, among other features.

    The cost? A six-figure sum.

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  • The Wedding Entourage
    6 / 13 The Wedding Entourage

    The Wedding Entourage declined to reveal the clients and organisations it has worked with for reasons of confidentiality. But according to social-sharing platform Instagram, it was the team that helped put together socialite Kim Lim’s lavish party for her son Kayden’s 99th-day celebration (pictured).

    Highlights of the star-studded party included an elaborately dressed-up dessert table, a fun sign post and a ceiling full of helium balloons.

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    How much Party planning rates start from $5,000, depending on the venue and customers’ requests.

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  • Stitch X Marker
    7 / 13 Stitch X Marker

    Stitch X Marker

    What started as a do-it-yourself party for her then two-year-old daughter Miley soon grew into an event styling company for Ripple Sim.

    The mum of one had left her regional marketing job to spend more time with her daughter when she decided to do the props for Miley’s fruit-themed party. That marked the start of her new career in styling.

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  • Stitch X Marker
    8 / 13 Stitch X Marker

    Other memorable parties she helped styled include a milk bandit theme for a baby’s 100-day celebration, and a monopoly inspired party for her daughter (pictured right) – she painted a life-size Monopoly gameboard, complete with a jail cell, fire hydrant and community chests.
    The little ones then played the game as actual tokens.

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  • Stitch X Marker
    9 / 13 Stitch X Marker

    With the aim to create memorable events using fewer readymade items, many of Ripple’s works are either hand-painted, hand-drawn or sewn – which explains her company’s name, Stitch X Marker.

    To date, the most expensive party she was commissioned for was a glitter and bling disco party for a two-year-old. The venue was transformed into a kid-friendly disco club, complete with a disco tunnel (pictured) that doubled as a photo display. There was also a customised starburst backdrop for the cake-cutting table and a themed dessert area. It cost $8,000.

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  • Stitch X Marker
    10 / 13 Stitch X Marker

    Stitch X Marker has also worked with various celebrities such as popular blogger Xiaxue for her son Dashiel’s birthday party, and local singers Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei for their baby’s first-month bash (pictured).

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    How much Birthday packages start from $1,600, which include a customised backdrop and either a dessert table styling or play area set-up. It will also add simple decorations around the area if the venue permits.

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  • Sprinkie Parties
    11 / 13 Sprinkie Parties

    Founded in 2014 by former air stewardess Ili Chen, Sprinkie Parties is a boutique party company that caters exclusively to children.

    Scroll through its Instagram account – which has amassed 15,000 followers and counting – and you’ll be awed by the colourful kid-friendly decorations and set-ups.

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  • Sprinkie Parties
    12 / 13 Sprinkie Parties

    Sprinkie Parties specialises in designing and producing dessert tables and candy buffets, which come with a themed backdrop for phototaking as well. Some of its amazing works include carnival, travel, London, safari and fictional characters like Winnie-the-Pooh and Snoopy themes.

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    The most lavish party it styled was a birthday celebration for a pair of twins, which came with a price tag of $20,000. This included an extensive dessert table that fed 300 guests, a photo booth, bouncy castle, themed chairs and tables, children’s corner and door gifts. There was also a party host for entertainment and a roaming photographer.

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  • Sprinkie Parties
    13 / 13 Sprinkie Parties

    It has also worked with organisations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Disney, and the Singapore Art Museum for its family-friendly Imaginarium exhibition.

    How much Its party styling package starts from $300, depending on requests. It also has a do-it-yourself party decoration box – party-in-a-box – which costs $250.

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