Star Awards Top 10 winner Lina Ng: Acting balances my sanity, makes me feel good about myself

April 15, 2019
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    When Lina Ng took home her first Star Awards trophy for favourite female artistes of the year in 1996, there weren’t 10 winners on stage – only five received the coveted award then. “That’s how long it’s been,” Lina told The Straits Times (ST).


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    It’s been a 23-year wait, but she picked up one of the Top Ten Most Popular Female Artistes award on Apr 14, thanks to her husband’s calls, she said in an interview with 8 Days. Check out how emotional she was in this photo!

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    Lina, 44, told ST that she didn’t expect the nomination, because “past a certain age, you often start feeling like you don’t stand a chance at certain things”. She feels it’s recognition for actresses in their 40s and 50s.

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    While Lina made a name for herself in iconic local series such as The Teochew Family and Right Frequency, she has been busy being a mum to three boys (read about her miracle kids here). She acts occasionally in cameos and supporting roles.


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    “It’s a way for me to balance my sanity. Sometimes, when you spend too much time focused on the home, it can be very overwhelming,”Lina told ST.

    “Acting helps me find my own worth, build my own confidence and makes me feel good about myself.”

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    Lina believes her role in the the English language series Lion Moms, about mothers and their parenting methods, won her a new group of fans.

    “I get a lot of parents and teachers who come up to me and tell me how they feel the series is very real and they can identify with it, and how it helps to raise awareness about the dangers of over-stressing kids,” she told ST.

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    Lina now wants to try more action-packed roles.

    “I want to act as much as I can, because I know that five years on, there are things I might not be able to take on physically anymore, like fight scenes.”

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    Being nominated and winning the Top 10 award has another perk, Lina said in her ST interview.

    “My kids used to be very doubtful about my popularity. Now I can tease them and tell them that Mummy is well-known!”


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