The most amazing themed hotel rooms: Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

By Elisa Chia   — March 31, 2017
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    There are hotels with rooms designed for children. And then there is Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, that brings out the kid in every parent.

    My eyes widened as I checked into its Safari-themed family room with my four-year-old son.

    Just look at that Jeep-styled, king-size bed “parked” under a 3-D tree. Instead of bedside tables and lamps, I found tree logs, old-fashioned suitcases and camping lanterns.

    Watch our video of the hotel or click for more photos.

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    Elsewhere, pebble-styled cushions were strewn on the carpet grass and tessellated “pavement”. A plush antelope joined us, as did a zebra family that was grazing on the field and peering at us – from the wallpaper, that is.

    I felt like I was transported back to my vacay in South Africa’s game reserve.

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    And I didn’t even have to share my cool Jeep bed with my son. He had his own tent bed, with a Cloud B Twilight Ladybug by his side. The constellation night light transformed our room into a starry night sky, completing the safari camp experience.

    This is one of six themed family rooms launched last year by this hotel. The others are equally amazing!

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    In the Dinosaur-themed room, an almost ceiling-height wooden skeleton model and a canopy of trees grab your attention immediately.

    You can relax on a bigger-than-super-king-size 2.5m-long bed, while Junior keeps himself busy with dino toy figurines.

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    If your little one dreams of sailing on the seven seas, you must stay in the Pirate-themed room.

    The blue carpet evokes sparkling waves, while wooden barrels and chests take the place of cabinets and tables. There is even a ship’s steering wheel that actually spins.

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    Dark and mysterious, the Outer Space-themed room might just give you a glimpse of life as an astronaut.

    You’ll sleep within a giant crater with a spacesuit duvet cover over you, while your kid will be thrilled to get his own rocket bed.

    You can both take turns to use the telescope and microscope, as well.

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    If your girl loves fairy tales, she’ll squeal with joy at the unicorn carpet in the Princess-themed room. The carriage bed, chandeliers, tiaras and hanging fairies add a touch of magic.

    Meanwhile, you can transform into royalty, sort of – your duvet cover features a lovely ball gown print.

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    Or why not book the Hong Kong Tram-themed room (pictured, above) and immerse yourself in the city?

    Bustling street-life scenes adorn the walls and your kid gets to sleep in a tram bed.

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    Did I also mention that all the bathrooms follow through with the respective themes?

    Take the Outer Space-themed room’s bathroom – its door has a spacecraft control panel with buttons, knobs and switches that your kid can fiddle with.

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    The Princess-themed room’s bathtub is adorned with pink shower curtains fit for young royalty.

    I love that most of the bathrooms are fitted with two sinks – one of which is at child’s level – and provide a potty ring. How thoughtful!

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    Located in Tuen Mun and about 30 minutes by car from the airport, this beachfront property offers spacious guestrooms that you don’t usually associate Hong Kong hotels with.

    It has an awesome indoor playground, as well. Its Sharks and Pirates Adventure Zone features a multi-level play structure with a spiral tube slide, a trampoline, a shaky bridge and a climbing wall for children aged five to 10.

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    Younger kids can still have lots of fun at the imaginative play area where they can pretend to fish, and explore with learning toys from brands including Vtech, Fisher-Price and Little Tikes.

    The entire Adventure Zone is well-padded, so you won’t worry too much if your little one takes a tumble.

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    An adult must accompany each child. If you’ve booked a themed room package, both of you get a free 50-minute playtime session. Your child will enjoy a craft workshop, as well. Both activities are worth HK$100 (S$18) each.

    (Non-staying guests pay HK$150 per session of 50 minutes for one child and one adult, and HK$120 for a kid’s craft workshop.)

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    You and your child can look forward to outdoor fun, too. Besides the pool, there’s an outdoor playground with a sand pit, and a water play area.

    We hear that the hotel will be adding more new themed rooms, including a rollercoaster one. We can’t wait to return for that.

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    Rates for a themed-room package starts from HK$2,488 (without balcony) per night and HK$2,788 (with balcony) for two adults and one child.

    It includes a breakfast buffet, a themed afternoon tea set, playtime at the Adventure Zone, and shuttle bus services to various parts of Hong Kong. Top up HK$450 per additional kid.


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