Top Christmas toys of 2019 for kids aged 7 and up that they will actually like

December 03, 2019
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    Buying toys for kids aged 7 and up is difficult – at this age, tweens start veering away from cutesy preschooler toys and many prefer smart gadgets.

    So, we’ve done our homework and rounded up some of our own favourite toys in this gift guide, that is especially curated for children in primary school from the ages of seven and above:

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  • Frozen 2 merchandise
    2 / 9 Frozen 2 merchandise

    You can’t go wrong with anything that has a Frozen 2 theme, at least for girls in Primary 1 and 2. School bags and stationery sets are pretty and practical, too, but there’s a tonne of movie-related merch out there – just check out our guide for shopping details.

    (Also read: Why you should take your kids to A Frozen Wonderland at Changi)

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  • Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire Outdoor Blaster, $25.92,
    3 / 9 Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire Outdoor Blaster, $25.92,

    Who doesn’t love a little action in their lives? NERF is known for their air-blasters that get the whole family involved in some jolly good fun. The N-Strike Elite SurgeFire Outdoor Blaster has a 15-dart rotating drum and can fire darts up to 27 metres away. Keep the tiny tots away from harm as this is suitable for kids aged eight and above.

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  • Harry Potter Light Painting Wand, $44.99, Toys"R"Us
    4 / 9 Harry Potter Light Painting Wand, $44.99, Toys"R"Us

    Set your little Potterhead’s night alight with this incredible light painting wand. You can use the light from the wand to draw Patronus charms in mid-air or recreate dramatic wand battles from the movies. Accio wand!

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  • Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise), $309,
    5 / 9 Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise), $309,

    Switch things up this holiday season for your little gamer! Not just for adults, Nintendo has a wealth of age-appropriate games on offer for your kids. And let’s be honest, the Nintendo Switch Lite’s tiny controls were practically made for your little ones’ nimble digits. This is the gift that keeps on giving, too, because if daddy is feeling left out he can always borrow this children’s gift for a few hours… or days!

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  • Microscope & Telescope Combo Set, $79.99, Edu Science
    6 / 9 Microscope & Telescope Combo Set, $79.99, Edu Science

    For the little Einstein in every home, the Toys“R”Us exclusive Edu Science range is perfect to grow their scientific curiosity and gain a deeper understanding of basic science principles. Get your little one started with this Microscope & Telescope set that will open their eyes and minds to the wonderful world of science.

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  • L.O.L. Surprise Plush Keychain, $22.99
    7 / 9 L.O.L. Surprise Plush Keychain, $22.99

    Giving a whole new meaning to kid’s accessories, L.O.L Surprise has exclusive items like the limited edition “L.O.L. Surprise Plush Keychain” and the “LOL Surprise Collectible Watches” that are sure to spark a child’s inner creativity. We like them because they allow our kids to actually design their own accessories.




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  • Pixie Belles, $34.99, Toys"R"Us
    8 / 9 Pixie Belles, $34.99, Toys"R"Us

    Using the very latest in motion technology, these cute mythical creatures interact with children by responding to touch, motion and sound signals. Kids can bring their Belles to life simply by clapping or talking to them, and the toys will respond by teaching children how to dance, telling them how they feel, and ultimately helping to foster creativity by using music and colours as reasons to explore their world.

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  • Rainbow Lab, $44.90,
    9 / 9 Rainbow Lab, $44.90,

    This explore and discover rainbow lab play-set encourages early STEM learning and scientific thinking in kids that allow to them to have fun as well. There are 12 entertaining experiments to carry out like colour mixing, growing amazing jelly-like crystals and creating a rainbow in a test tube. Wow!

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