What to do if you are robbed in a foreign country

By Hannah   — November 17, 2016
  • Give the robbers what they want
    1 / 3 Give the robbers what they want

    If you are being robbed, don’t risk your life – just give the robbers what they want.

    This is one of the tips for robbery victims by the Selangor chapter of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF).

    Former Singaporean policeman Joseph Tan, who served in the force from 1985 to 1992, agreed.

    He said: “The cases involving the victims on the Malaysian North-South Highway were quite complicated because the road was congested, making it tough for the drivers to flee.

    “I think it is best not to aggravate the robbers and give them what they want as soon as possible.”

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  • Try and negotiate
    2 / 3 Try and negotiate

    The founder of the Crime Library, a voluntary group that helps track missing people, said that instead of trying to flee or disobeying the robbers, victims could wind down a window just a crack to find out what they want and try to negotiate.

    He said: “Just give them what they want, your life is more precious than your valuables and money.

    “This could prevent anyone from getting hurt and minimise the damage to their cars.”

    Mr Tan said victims should make a police report as soon as possible.

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  • Make a police report
    3 / 3 Make a police report

    Mr Tan said victims should make a police report as soon as possible.

    The MCPF offered similar advice: “If you are robbed or assaulted, report the crime to the police.

    “Try to describe the attacker accurately. You can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim.”

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    A version of this story first appeared in The New Paper. 

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