Myolie Wu is pregnant again, set to welcome Year of the Pig baby

January 29, 2019
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    It seems like Myolie Wu was keeping a little something from reporters when she met the media two weeks ago to talk about her work and plans for baby No. 2.

    That “little” secret? The bun which was already baking in the oven.

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    The Hong Kong actress wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday (Jan 29): “Our Pig baby is arriving, our Lee family farm can finally open!”, accompanied by an ultrasound image of the foetus.

    She didn’t reveal how far along her pregnancy is, or the second baby’s gender.

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    Myolie’s husband Philip Lee also shared the big announcement on his social media. He captioned an image of their first-born son Brendan pointing at Myolie’s tummy: “Well it looks like Brendan has worked out that something’s cooking because he keeps pointing at Mummy’s belly – his new best friend and playmate.”

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    When it comes to a second child, Myolie is well aware that time is not on her side. She welcomed her first baby in October 2017.

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    “I hope to have another one, especially since after giving birth to Brendan I find babies really adorable. My age is catching up and I hope to give birth to another child as soon as possible, so that he can have a brother or sister. He’d be lonely if it were just him alone,” said the 39-year-old TVB actress in an interview with Ming Pao Daily.


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    Myolie has been slowly making her way back into the limelight after taking a breather from acting to spend time with the 15-month-old boy.

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    The family were recently on holiday to the Maldives in November 2018, where Myolie and her businessman husband Philip Lee posted adorable photos of their little cherub.

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    Myolie recently got to spend a lot of time with a child actor who played her son in a milk powder commercial – providing a great opportunity for her to be prepared for what’s to come in her motherhood journey.

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    But famous actress or not, the struggle is real for all mothers. Said Myolie: “Of course I’m grateful that he’s growing up strong and healthy, but at the same time I can’t bear to see him grow up too quickly.

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    “I wish I could spend more time with him, because I’m afraid of missing all his ‘first’ experiences. I want to witness those important moments!”

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    Myolie also shared that Brendan now knows how to address the people around him, and she admitted that her heart melted when he first uttered the words, “Mama”.

    A version of this article first appeared in Asiaone.

    Photos: Instagram

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