10 social skills your toddler must learn from age 1

By Dr Richard C. Woolfson   — August 16, 2017
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    Every one-year-old is different, with her own unique personalities, abilities and characteristics.

    However, here are 10 social skills that your toddler should start to grasp at this age:

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  • Taking turns during play
    2 / 11 Taking turns during play

    Your little one needs to learn that she can’t always be the first. There are others playing the game and they take turns, too.

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  • Sharing possessions
    3 / 11 Sharing possessions

    Children get on better with each other when they are able to share their toys and snacks, without complaining. Sharing is a crucial social skill.

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  • Being sensitive to other people
    4 / 11 Being sensitive to other people

    She gradually develops a sense that other people have feelings as well, and that they can get upset, just like her.

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  • Saying “please” and “thank you”
    5 / 11 Saying “please” and “thank you”

    Most one-year-olds are able to learn these very basic rules of politeness, even though they will need encouragement to use them.

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  • Holding a fork for eating
    6 / 11 Holding a fork for eating

    Good table manners have a direct effect on the willingness of others to sit with her. Certainly, using cutlery rather than her fingers is a good start.

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  • Listening to someone else
    7 / 11 Listening to someone else

    Once she begins to listen whenever someone talks to her, rather than turning away or interrupting, she’ll be more popular.

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  • Asking, not snatching
    8 / 11 Asking, not snatching

    The typical toddler instinctively takes what she wants without asking. It would be much better if she asked for permission.


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  • Saying “sorry” appropriately
    9 / 11 Saying “sorry” appropriately

    Learning to apologise – and to mean it – is a vital social skill, because it makes others feel she is trustworthy.

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  • Being gentle with others
    10 / 11 Being gentle with others

    Young children get nervous when one of their peers plays in a rough-and-tumble style. A gentle approach allows everyone to have more fun.

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  • Use words, not fists
    11 / 11 Use words, not fists

    No child wants to play with one who starts hitting whenever she doesn’t get her own way. It’s far better to express her feelings with words.

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