10 stylish ways to keep babies and toddlers warm on a winter holiday

By Elisa Chia   — November 25, 2016
  • Baby, it's cold outside
    1 / 8 Baby, it's cold outside

    Left Denim-cotton jacket, $49.90, from H&M. Tiger tee (worn underneath), $24.95, from Seed Heritage. Pants, $29.90, from Mothercare. Rain shoes, $59, from Muji. Cotton bracelet, $16.50, from Babyswatch. Embroidered baby hat, $69, from Petit Bateau

    Right Sweater, $29.90, from Fox. Tutu skirt, $39.95, and jelly shoes, $24.95, both from Seed Heritage. Scarf, $69, from Petit Bateau. Fleece-lined hat, $9.90, from H&M. Mini Dressing racoon sling bag, $29.90, from Privikids


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  • Smart and snug
    2 / 8 Smart and snug

    Long-sleeved knitted top, $29.90, from Mothercare. Hooded puffer vest, $55, from Baby Gap. Sweatpants, $19.90, and terry-lined slip-on, $17.90, both from H&M

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  • All ready to travel
    3 / 8 All ready to travel

    Dungarees, $99, from Petit Bateau. Ugo tee (worn underneath), $26.90, from Privikids. Cardigan, $49.95, from Seed Heritage. Sweater beanie, $20, from Baby Gap. Leather boat shoes, $89.90, from Pediped. Suitcases, from $14.90, all from Papermarket


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  • Are we there yet?
    4 / 8 Are we there yet?

    Chequered jumpsuit, $33.90, from Gingersnaps. Cardigan, $109, from Petit Bateau. Leggings, $20, from Baby Gap. Leather Mary Janes, $63.90, from Pediped. Mouse ear headband, $11.90, from Mothercare. Bandana scarf, $15.79, from Le Petit Society. Cotton bracelet, $20.50, from Babyswatch. Wooden toy camera, $36, from Anders & Dawn. Suitcases, from $19.90, both from Papermarket

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  • How do I look?
    5 / 8 How do I look?

    Sweater, $45, from Baby Gap. Trousers with suspenders, $24.90, from H&M. Bandana scarf, $15.79, from Le Petit Society. Cotton bracelet, $16.50, from Babyswatch. Socks (part of a box of six), $45, from Happy Socks. Leather shoes, $63.90, from Pediped


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  • Charming princess
    6 / 8 Charming princess

    Cardigan, $79, from Petit Bateau. Faux fur waistcoat, $19.90, from H&M. Shorts, $25.90, from Gingersnaps. Leggings, $14.95, from Cotton On Baby. Headband, $14.95, from Seed Heritage. Socks (part of a box of six), $45, from Happy Socks. Mini Melissa jelly shoes, $95, from Mdreams 

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  • My fair ladies
    7 / 8 My fair ladies

    Left Jumpsuit, $39.90, from Gingersnaps. Knitted vest, from $66 (depending on size), from Chateau de Sable. Cardigan (worn underneath), $34.95, and beanie, $16.95, both from Cotton On Baby. Leggings, $20, from Baby Gap. Soft boots, $14.90, from H&M 

    Right Sweatshirt, $17.90, from H&M. Puffer vest, $60, from Baby Gap. Harem pants, $29.95, from Seed Heritage. Headband, $6.90, from Gingersnaps. Kokacharm ankle socks, $6, Kerry & Mase leather bow moccasins, $49.90, and aeroplane knitted rattle, $19.95, all from Privikids


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  • Hey, wait for me!
    8 / 8 Hey, wait for me!

    Button-down shirt, $29, from Muji. Pants, $19.90, and hat, $9.90, both from H&M. Puffer vest, $39.90, from Mothercare 

    (Photos: Young Parents) 


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