10 things to cherish when your kid is two years old

November 02, 2017
  • Genuine kindness
    1 / 10 Genuine kindness

    No matter how many tantrums your two-year-old has (and there will be plenty of these), there will be moments when his instinctive kindness shows through.

    Like the time he wiped your tears when you cried, or when he shared a toy with his friend.

    These special moments remind you that he is a wonderful, caring child.

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  • Second birthday party
    2 / 10 Second birthday party

    Compared to his first birthday party, his second is much more lively and vivacious. All his little pals from playgroup are there, and your toddler thrives in their company.

    Make sure you have lots of photos to record the look of delight on his face as the party unfolds.

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  • Language “explosion”
    3 / 10 Language “explosion”

    He experiences a surge in his language development this year. His vocabulary will extend significantly and he’ll start to use more complex sentences.

    Although he is only two, he is able to express his ideas and feelings more clearly. You communicate better with him now.

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  • Fascination with books
    4 / 10 Fascination with books

    He loves sitting beside you or on your lap, as you read his favourite story to him.

    He may have heard the same story a dozen times already. But the familiarity makes it even more enjoyable for him.

    Savour these moments when he cuddles up to you, listening attentively and pointing to the pictures as you read to him.

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  • Bedtime
    5 / 10 Bedtime

    He likes you to tuck him in under the blanket, and to give him a goodnight hug and kiss. These very calm and relaxed moments won’t last forever.

    When he is older, he will be much more independent at bedtime. In the meantime, make the most of these pre-sleep moments of affection.

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  • Toddler curiosity
    6 / 10 Toddler curiosity

    Everything is amazing, as far as your young one is concerned. He learns so much, and his amazement at things you take for granted is infectious.

    For example, wind blowing the leaves, insects crawling on the ground.

    His fascination at the minutiae of the world around him should be unforgettable.

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  • Enthusiastic welcomes
    7 / 10 Enthusiastic welcomes

    When you pick him from his playgroup or come home from the office, he gives you such a warm and loving welcome. It makes you forget all the pressures of work that day.

    His unbridled joy at seeing you and his delight that you are home again, lifts your spirits.

    Cherish these special welcomes.

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  • All those “firsts”
    8 / 10 All those “firsts”

    Your toddler makes so many achievements during this year.

    Maybe he moves upwards on the climbing frame for the first time, holds the cutlery by himself for the first time, attends preschool for the first time, or perhaps solves a jigsaw for the first time.

    Every new achievement is worth remembering.

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  • Sibling relationship
    9 / 10 Sibling relationship

    Some parents have a second child when their firstborn is around two years old.

    Even if your kid is unsettled at the start with his new baby sibling, they’ll soon begin to form a loving relationship.

    You’ll never forget the moment when your toddler shows his first signs of loving interest in the newborn.

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  • Trust
    10 / 10 Trust

    Your little one has complete belief in your abilities as a parent. He knows you can comfort him when he is upset, solve his problems when he struggles, care for him when he is unwell, and find a friend for him when he feels lonely.

    When he looks at you, you see complete trust in his eyes. You can’t get a better boost to your self-confidence.

    (Photos: 123RF.com)

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