4 stylish toddlers to follow on Instagram

October 05, 2016
  • @tylerhuan
    1 / 4 @tylerhuan

    Tyler Huan, 3
    Born in: Penang, Malaysia

    Young Parents talks to his mum, Haze, 33.

    It all started with the first brand rep search. I entered Tyler for Babiators’ search (@babiators) when he was about one year old. We were lucky to be selected. Since then, we’ve gained more followers and our photos were reposted by fashion brands on Instagram. We continue to join many brand rep searches.

    Tyler is my boss. I am a stay-at-home mum. I “work” for my little boss 24/7 and enjoy every single moment with him. I’ve never been in the media or fashion industry.

    Most of his clothes are from brands that I discovered on Instagram. I get endless inspiration on how to style Tyler from Instagram, where I have also stumbled upon some of the coolest small shops selling unique kids’ outfits.

    Some of the first few brands that I discovered were Whistle and Flute (@whistleandflute), Ledgers Legs (@ledgerslegs), Rags to Raches (@rags_to_raches), Beau Loves (@beaulovesuk), Trilogy Design Co (@trilogydesignco) and Hello Apparel (@helloapparel).

    I’m addicted to dressing up my boy. Sometimes, I will stay awake till midnight or set alarms for new arrivals because of the time difference between Malaysia and the US. I have to, because some designs from famous brands sell like hot cakes!

    I spend a lot on shoes.  I just can’t resist cute and stylish sneakers. The most expensive was a pair of Timberland 6-inch premium waterproof boots that cost $199.

    He was born with thick, full hair. I didn’t even shave his head when he turned one month old (this traditional Chinese practice is said to help hair grow thicker and healthier).

    I’ve always had this swag hairstyle for Tyler in mind. One day, I asked the stylist to shave the sides and do a layered cut. I pay for his haircuts, but I do have a sponsor for hair wax, Nomad Kid. The wax is 100 per cent natural and vegan.

    I get brickbats for his bad boy rocker look. I remember that someone criticised me, asking what kind of mother I was to ask my (then) two-year-old to work for me.

    Some even say that I don’t give Tyler a childhood, and that he is not a doll. My relatives, too, nagged and made nasty comments when I dressed Tyler in black.

    I do feel sad about all this, but I have my mummy friends who support me and understand what is really going on. I don’t reply to nasty comments or answer their questions. I will delete these and block the users’ accounts.

    He enjoys dressing up. To him, dressing up means going for outings because that’s what we do most of the time after taking pictures.

    We photograph two to three times a week, each for about 10 minutes or less. Sometimes, we do two outfit changes each session if he is in a good mood. The tantrums of the “terrible twos” do happen.

    Natural light is best for photo taking. You also have to be fast, shoot non-stop, and then choose the best pictures later. I use an old Canon E05 50D with 50mm f/1.8 lens. Sometimes, I snap with my iPhone 6, as well.

    I have lost count of brands that he has represented. The list is too long, but I will share a few brands: Ryder Rayne Kids (@ryder_raynekids), Rustic Pickle (@rusticpickle_), Haus of Hendrix (@hausofhendrix) and Oovy (@oovykids). I don’t charge for posting on our Instagram account; mostly, we receive the goods.

    He loves fury animals. We have five Yorkshire terriers and a Miniature Schnauzer.

    Tyler loves food, too, especially Japanese dishes like udon and sushi. I’m thankful that he is not a fussy eater. He takes a lot of veggies and fruits.

    He gets recognised in public. People come up and ask if he is @tylerhuan. They’d tell us how cool and stylish he is, and that they are his fans.

    When we’re at restaurants and cafes, Tyler always receives sweet treats, such as a cup of babyccino and a scoop of ice cream.

    I’d love to meet… Ryan Secret (@ryansecret). I love his styling and his awesome hairstyle. He is so inspiring, definitely a style icon.

    More about Tyler
    Date of birth: Oct 23, 2013
    Favourite colour: I don’t think he has a favourite colour, but he loves rainbows. He gets excited whenever he sees one.
    Favourite toy: Lego Duplo
    Favourite activities: Swimming and walking the dogs

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  • @pipersienna
    2 / 4 @pipersienna

    Piper Sienna, 2
    Born in: Queensland, Australia

    Young Parents talks to her mum, Kerry, 32.

    I started the Instagram account to stay in touch with family and friends when she was six months old.

    People just loved Piper and what she wore. More and more stores started contacting us asking if she could wear and model the designs. I just put together outfits that I like and that I think work with Piper’s style.

    I have a blog (www.pipersienna.com.au) as well, to share my love of fashion, all things children, and my crazy, fun family. I have two older kids, Bella (@bella_seymour), 18 and Joshua, nine. I have a background in event management and event styling.

    Piper enjoys the whole works, from opening the mail each day to see what has arrived, to wanting to look at the photos on the camera after I’ve taken them. She’s happy to cooperate as long as I explain what we are doing and what I need her to do.

    She hasn’t complained or not wanted to wear anything yet. But she’d wear her gumboots with every outfit if I let her.

    We photograph one outfit a day only in the morning when she’s very patient and not tired. She still has a lunchtime nap and when she wakes up, she’s not in the mood and only wants to play.

    We make every photo shoot fun; I don’t spend long fussing over it. I take approximately 100 photos of each look. If I’m lucky, there will be only two to six photos that we can use. I use a Canon Eos 700D camera.

    Piper has represented 250 to 350 brands. I work mostly with companies that I feel suit her style. People can contact me directly, or through our agent, who handles most of our bookings. This gives me more time to work on the photos and content of the blog.

    We charge different prices, up to A$280 ($287) per post, depending on what the clients are after. Some want Piper to fly to them to do a photo shoot; others just send us clothes and want me to photograph and post pictures of them.

    I have a weakness for kids’ swimsuits and Piper is addicted to shoes. Usually when I get the urge to shop, I try to stop myself and think about how much is already in her wardrobe!

    We donate Piper’s clothing. We’ve just made an arrangement with one of the cruise lines that we travel with. I now send Piper’s clothes to the ship, and when it’s in port, the staff gives the clothes to the children in Vanuatu, where they are still rebuilding after last year’s cyclone disaster.

    She is a real cheeky monkey. Piper is always happy and she talks all the time! She loves to get out and about, and meet other kids and play with them. She’s very easy to get along with. I couldn’t do what we do if she wasn’t – she makes it a breeze.

    More about Piper 
    Date of birth: Feb 13, 2014
    Favourite colour: Green
    Favourite characters: Paw Patrol and Octonauts
    Favourite activities: Doing crafts and cooking in her play kitchen

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  • @biorkpink
    3 / 4 @biorkpink

    Rayden Lim, 2
    Born in: Singapore

    Young Parents talks to his mum, Agnes, 35.

    Biorkpink was my childhood nickname. I started this Instagram account to share daily pictures of Rayden. When he was eight months old, he took part in a brand rep search for Mothercare Singapore (@mothercaresg) and was chosen.

    Since then, we have been given several opportunities to work with other brands on Instagram – Rayden has represented 20. Generally, the fee for a post starts from $100, depending on what is needed.

    I’ve always been interested in fashion. I used to be a stay-at-home mum and had the luxury of time to dress Rayden in various styles and take pictures daily.

    We had lots of fun, and it was through trial and error that I stumbled upon the right look and style befitting Rayden. I help out in my husband’s automotive business now, and I only have time to photograph him on weekends.

    Rayden doesn’t like to wear sunglasses. As he gets older, it’s almost impossible to get him to stay in one position (during photo shoots). Snacks are the important key to get him to cooperate, especially lollipops.

    Taking pictures with a camera in burst mode is compulsory! I use a Fujifilm X-E2 with a XF56mm f/1.2R lens.

    I’m a shoe addict. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to collect different limited editions of Adidas Superstar toddler shoes for Rayden from around the world. The most expensive item I’ve splurged on for him is a Stella McCartney military jacket, which cost about US$360 (S$491) with shipping. It’s so trendy and unique, I couldn’t resist it!

    He has two older siblings. Off-camera, he’s just like most kids: active, chatty, friendly, fun loving and easy-going. My five-year-old son Jayven just sees Rayden as his younger brother, while Jamie, 14, feels proud of him.

    I’d love to meet… Maks (@maks_model). He’s one trendsetter with many varied styles.

    More about Rayden 
    Date of birth: Jan 11, 2014
    Favourite colour: White
    Favourite toy: Big toy cars, such as ambulance, trucks, excavators and buses.
    Favourite activity: Going outdoors, like playing on the beach and in the pool with his siblings

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  • @princessandpotato
    4 / 4 @princessandpotato

    Vin, 2, and Lin Bubble Choi, 5
    Born in: Vancouver, Canada

    Young Parents talks to their mum, Maggie, 29.

    Potato is Vin’s nickname in Chinese, and Lin has been big on the whole princess theme since she was three and calls herself one (laughs).

    My Instagram account first started as a platform to connect with family and friends overseas. I’ve never thought it was any kind of fashion account, though.

    I used to have my own online boutique. I’m a stay-at-home mum. I worked at clothing stores in my teenage years, then as a buyer, and had my own online boutique while working as a teacher part-time.

    My jobs required me to read fashion magazines daily. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and style apps, which came along the way, inspired me on another level.

    I bought an LV bag for Lin for Christmas last year. It’s a vintage Louis Vuitton bucket bag that I got for US$700. The print is called “Mini Lin” – come on, how could I not!

    L stands for Lin, and V for Vin. So, LV, here we come (laughs). I think my most expensive purchase for Vin was a US$500 Canada Goose winter jacket.

    Vin likes black, or things with animals, cars, planes or superheroes on his clothes.

    He is just too young (to love the camera), I guess. He needs to be bribed with food. Lin is girly and likes pretty things.

    I don’t charge for posting and have no plans to, either. I don’t actually get my kids to be official brand reps. I don’t want the pressure to take photos. But we do get clothes sent to us. We’ve probably received around 30 brands.

    I use my iPhone 6 Plus to shoot 90 per cent of the time. Just keep shooting and don’t stop and look – you’ll eventually find the perfect shot.

    Sometimes, when I feel like carrying a heavy camera, I go with either my Canon or Sony.

    I’d love to meet… It’s hard to pick one. There are just too many! But Harlow of @thedaddyfashionstylist is gorgeous, and Pete definitely does the best job styling!

    More about Vin and Lin 
    Vin’s date of birth: Jan 20, 2014
    Lin’s date of birth: Nov 3, 2010
    Vin’s favourite colour: black
    Lin’s: It changes every few months. She’s currently into pink and blue
    Vin’s favourite toys: his Jellybean bunny and fire truck
    Lin’s: any. Her love is short; she moves on fast
    Their favourite activities: beach and BBQ days

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    (Photos: respective Instagram accounts)

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