4 ways to prevent allergy in your baby

February 19, 2017
  • How to prevent an allergy in your baby
    1 / 5 How to prevent an allergy in your baby

    Learn how you can reduce your baby’s chance of developing allergies from Dr Dawn Lim, a consultant paediatrician from Kinder Clinic at Paragon. 

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  • 1. Breastfeed fully for at least four months
    2 / 5 1. Breastfeed fully for at least four months

    This is one of the most established methods to prevent allergies such as cow’s milk allergy, eczema and early wheezing. 

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  • 2. Wean your baby at the right time
    3 / 5 2. Wean your baby at the right time

    Introduce solids between four and six months, and not earlier or later as that could increase your child’s chances of developing allergies. 

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  • 3. Introduce a variety of food, as long as he is not allergic to it
    4 / 5 3. Introduce a variety of food, as long as he is not allergic to it

    For years, parents have been advised to not offer food that may cause allergies, such as cow’s milk, eggs, seafood and peanuts to babies under the age of one.

    There is not enough evidence to prove that this can prevent allergies. 

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  • 4. Keep his skin moisturised
    5 / 5 4. Keep his skin moisturised

    There is some new research to show that applying moisturiser to your baby’s skin daily during the first 32 weeks of life may lower his risk of eczema.

    This simple measure may help to prevent the development of eczema in children with a strong family history of allergies.

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