5 ways to encourage creativity in toddlers

April 02, 2020
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    Creativity is important to a child’s health and happiness. Besides artistic and musical expression, creativity also helps to boost his development in science and mathematics, as well as his social and emotional intelligence.

    A creative child grows to become more adaptable to change says Sandra Heng, a class leader at Baby Sensory Singapore. This makes him better at solving problems.

    Your kid learns creativity best during playtime. This is because he feels most relaxed, which improves his ability and propensity to learn.

    Here’s how you can make playtime more meaningful, Sandra shares.

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  • Give time
    2 / 6 Give time

    Allow him to enjoy unstructured, imaginative and pretend play. Get him to direct the playtime.

    You can dress up and have a conversation through mini figurines, model farms and houses, or kitchens and tea sets.

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  • Build a space
    3 / 6 Build a space

    Set up a creative corner with art supplies like paint, crayons, glue, drawing paper, strips of cloth and different types of papers.

    This is where he can create freely without messing up other areas at home.

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  • Get outdoors
    4 / 6 Get outdoors

    Take him to the park and encourage him to explore his natural surroundings – flowers, trees, leaves, water, sand, and soil.

    As he learns to venture beyond his comfort zone at home, your tot will begin to feel more confident.

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  • Encourage failure
    5 / 6 Encourage failure

    His creativity can be curbed by fears of failure and judgement. Instead of criticising him, focus on the process instead of the end result.

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  • Celebrate innovation
    6 / 6 Celebrate innovation

    Share your love for creativity with him. Listen to a piece of beautiful music or discuss a famous painting together.

    Help him develop a sense of pride by decorating a wall or shelf with his creations.

    (Photos: 123RF.com)

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