5 ways to make your baby’s first Christmas extra memorable

By Dr Richard C. Woolfson   — December 21, 2017
  • Let her wake up at her usual time
    1 / 5 Let her wake up at her usual time

    At this age – unlike when she is older – Baby won’t wake up early on Christmas morning. Let her sleep to her usual time, despite any temptation to wake her up because you’re so excited. The day will be tiring for her, so it’s best for her to have as much sleep as possible before the festivities begin.

    As far as possible, let Baby keep to her usual nap time, as well. Ask the host for a quiet room. Over-tiredness leads to irritability and tears. She’ll have a much more delightful day if she’s well-rested.

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  • Give one present at a time
    2 / 5 Give one present at a time

    Aside from the gifts you have for Baby on her first Christmas, there will be lots more from relatives and friends. Some will want your little angel to have her present opened when they arrive, but explain that you are staggering them so she doesn’t get them all at once.

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  • Make sure your camera is working
    3 / 5 Make sure your camera is working

    Photos and videos are the best way to record this special occasion, so make sure all your camera and recording equipment are in full working order – and that includes charging the batteries!

    There is nothing more frustrating than missing those magic moments because the camera won’t power up, or because you can’t even find it.

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  • Take loads of photos
    4 / 5 Take loads of photos

    Instead of waiting for that “special moment”, take dozens of pictures with your digital camera, both posed and spontaneous ones. You can delete all those that aren’t very good later.

    You’ll be amazed that among the randomly taken snapshots are some fabulous scenes.

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  • Make a first Christmas album
    5 / 5 Make a first Christmas album

    Once the guests have gone, the house is tidy and night falls, look through all your snapshots and select the best. Then, get them made into a photo album that you can hold in hand.

    There are many web-based companies that will make an album through an online transaction and deliver it to your house.

    (Photos: 123RF.com)

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