Baby hates sitting in a stroller: What you can do

By Dr Richard C. Woolfson   — November 07, 2018
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    Despite the fact he has a beautiful, comfortable stroller, he screams to get out of it. Indeed, an outing with Baby can be thoroughly miserable if he decides he wants to be cradled in your arms instead of being pushed.

    Unfortunately, he’s already too heavy to be carried around in a baby sling. The “carry me” syndrome is very draining and can be a real dampener on any outing you go together, whether it’s for pleasure or the weekly shopping trip to the supermarket.

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    If you do give in and carry your baby, you run the risk of having to do so for the rest of the day, no matter how tired you are. Besides, the next time both of you go out together, he’ll probably expect to be carried by you whenever he wants.

    Yet if you don’t give in and keep him in his stroller, your baby might moan the entire trip or scream even louder.

    So what can you do to make stroller rides more enjoyable? Here are some tried-and-tested strategies.

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  • Persist and push along
    3 / 9 Persist and push along

    Instead of immediately giving in to his “get-me-out-of-this” cries, keep pushing him for just a few more minutes, while ignoring him.

    You may find that the vibrations from the moving stroller help him to relax and settle, so he’s content to stay in it.

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  • Engage your baby
    4 / 9 Engage your baby

    Although he can’t yet take part in a conversation, chat to him anyway.

    The sound of your voice and your enthusiasm will make the stroller ride much more enjoyable for him. You can talk to him about anything you want.

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  • Use distractions
    5 / 9 Use distractions

    Point out objects that you pass by, or draw his attention to the birds in the trees.

    At this very young age, he can easily be distracted from his complaint by something else, even if he has already begun to wriggle.

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  • Touch him
    6 / 9 Touch him

    Loving physical contact – while your infant is still in his stroller – can be a very effective way of calming him.

    Sometimes, all it takes is a stroke of his cheek or a gentle touch of his hair. Th at can be enough to make him feel better.

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  • Give him toys
    7 / 9 Give him toys

    If he has easy access to toys, your young child is less likely to want to get out of his stroller. Put a few of his favourites in his lap.

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  • Check if he's comfy
    8 / 9 Check if he's comfy

    Sometimes, an infant cries in his stroller because he’s uncomfortable.

    That’s why you should make sure his body isn’t in an awkward position or that the restraining belt isn’t too tight. A slight adjustment to his seating spot might make a difference.

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  • Take regular breaks
    9 / 9 Take regular breaks

    Don’t wait until he tries to wrest himself out of the straps before you release him.

    Instead, take rest stops during your outing so he has many opportunities to get out of the stroller before he needs to ask.


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