Best baby photography studios in Singapore

September 04, 2018
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    Baby photography studios are increasingly sought after by many parents in Singapore. They want to capture their newborn’s early days with professionally taken images to celebrate the miraculous, joyful occasion.

    Tiny, fragile and oh-so-cute, your newborn will grow all too quickly, leaving his baby days behind for good. Young Parents rounds up eight baby photography studios in Singapore, each with their own unique style.

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  • Picture With Love
    2 / 9 Picture With Love

    Husband-and-wife team Boon and Tian are driven by their desire to help other parents remember their newborns’ first fleeting moments. They favour natural-looking photos with minimal re-touching, and place safety as their top priority.

    “We strive to create timeless images mainly through colours and textures, and keep the focus on the baby rather than props,” explains Pui Boon, who’s a father of three and declined to reveal his full name. “It’s more important to capture Baby’s beautiful features and the emotional connections between family members during the shoot.”

    All sessions are done in the comfort of clients’ homes, as Picture With Love believes it is where families feel the most relaxed, which results in wonderful photos. Clients include influencer Lian Meiting, who engaged them for family portraits with her husband, Shunxiong, and daughter Kayla.

    How much Choose between newborn portraiture or family shoot packages. All packages include both photo prints and soft copies. Picture with Love declined to list its prices as it is changing its rates.

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  • Littleones Photography
    3 / 9 Littleones Photography

    Sister team Kate Griffiths and Emily Woodman grew up surrounded by babies – their mum was a nursery nurse in the United Kingdom. As mums themselves now, they are experienced in handling newborns, and have been shooting in Singapore for 11 years.

    “Littleones Photography is a boutique, family-oriented studio that delivers high-quality photography,” Kate says. “Our look is very classic: We know our photos are going to be in the family history for many years to come, so keeping it simple is best, avoiding the logos and branding.”

    Littleones offers a mixture of studio shoots with professional lighting and backdrops, outdoor location shoots, or shoots in client’s homes so new mums are more comfortable. Model and TV presenter Jaymee Ong is a regular client, and has done both a studio and location shoot with them.

    How much Sessions start from $295 for a one-hour creative photography shoot, with different options and styles ranging from traditional photo framing to digital packages.

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  • Tomato Photo
    4 / 9 Tomato Photo

    Launched in 2008, this studio claims to have pioneered newborn photography in Singapore, capturing babies under the age of two weeks.

    Master photographer Hart Tan has 10 years of experience working with babies, and “knows them like the back of my hand – they sleep through shoots 99 per cent of the time”, he says.

    Hart focuses on recreating how newborns might look in their mothers’ wombs, using proprietary lighting. Rather than use props that may look dated in future, Tomato Photo creates simple and timeless portraits, often in black-and-white or with a black background.

    Sessions are held in locations parents are most comfortable in, based on consultations. Tomato Photo’s clients include high-profile families and foreign dignitaries, and recently shot portraits for Singapore singers Tay Ke Wei and Alfred Sim (pictured).

    How much Sessions start from $450 (the average client spends around $2,500), and some clients pay up to $27,000 for Hart’s services.

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  • Bambini Photography
    5 / 9 Bambini Photography

    Started in 2009, Bambini is a newborn studio known for its natural, minimalist style. Most of its shoots are done in its 1,200 sq ft studio: The cosy environment helps parents feel comfortable during their photo sessions. Wraps and accessories are provided for styling.

    Bambini aims to make shoots as easy as possible for time-starved parents, allowing them to select shoot photos from an online gallery, and delivering final products straight to their homes via courier. This eliminates the need to travel to the studio multiple times to shoot, select and collect images.

    How much A basic session costs $500, and includes an 8-inch x 12-inch print. Shoot and digital packages are also available.

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  • Mamamiyo Photography
    6 / 9 Mamamiyo Photography

    Set up by photographer Lesley Liu after she gave birth to her second child last year, Mamamiyo consists of a team of mothers.

    “As mums, we understand the needs of babies and families; we know how to show the most beautiful side of mums and how to coax babies into their best state,” Lesley says. “Because we operate with love and patience, our photos always have a bright and youthful hue to them.”

    Newborn photos are shot in natural light, and Mamamiyo’s team can travel to clients’ homes at their convenience, providing costumes for hassle-free preparation. Mamamiyo counts influencer Zoe Raymond Tan, MP Desmond Choo (pictured above) and former Miss Singapore World Lisa Huang among its clientele.

    How much From $498, including a two-hour photo session, three sets of baby solo photos and one set of family photos. All customers receive soft copies of images, and further retouching is provided at a small cost.

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  • Jen Pan Photography
    7 / 9 Jen Pan Photography

    You may already know of Jen Pan, thanks to her 2016 series which went viral. Titled The Magical World of Breastfeeding, it showcased breastfeeding portraits of mother and baby.

    “I want to show how beautiful women breastfeed their babies, and celebrate motherhood at the same time,” she explains.

    Jen and her husband, Ray, branched out from wedding and corporate photography into working with kids after she became pregnant with her second child over three years ago.

    “Children are the most beautiful angels in the world – we started shooting some friends’ babies, and here we are today,” Jen says.

    Her clean, classic style shows the emotional, beautiful side of her subjects, without using too many props. Jen Pan Photography’s clients include actress Joanne Peh and fashionista Velda Tan.

    The studio’s subsidiary, Little Panny Photography, which is aimed more at the mass market, has also shot with Cheryl Wee. Photos are shot in their studio, or in the client’s home if there is good natural lighting.

    How much From $2,300, with some including albums and prints.

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  • Mita Kelder Photography
    8 / 9 Mita Kelder Photography

    A former model, Mita Kelder now works behind the lens as a family photographer.

    “After doing pregnancy and newborn shoots with my own daughter in Singapore, I was taken aback by the extremely high prices,” she says. “Yes, the photos were lovely, but I couldn’t really justify paying almost $200 per photo on top of the price of the photo session.”

    Mita then started her own photo studio to create a better experience for mothers and fathers wanting to shoot their newborns. “Personally, I like classic black-and-white shoots and simple shots, but will never enforce my style upon my clients, as their tastes are extremely varied,” she says.

    Her large collection of props, baby clothing and accessories means clients have a range of options to choose from to personalise their shoots. These are often done at Mita’s beautiful home studio in a colonial black-and-white residence, which has both staged sets and outdoor areas surrounded by nature.

    Past clients include TV celebrities, members of royal families and Members of Parliament.

    How much A newborn package costs $488, and includes a two- to three-hour photo session with different sets and props, 50 digital photos with light editing, and four high-resolution photos with full editing.

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  • JJ Photography
    9 / 9 JJ Photography

    JJ, as he prefers to be known, started his own photography business after feeling dissatisfied with other family portrait sessions, which he felt provided poor quality work for the price paid.

    His photos showcase artistic expressions, playing on compositions and impressions, with props adding a fun factor to the process. JJ does most of his photography in his clients’ homes for convenience, bringing his equipment and props with him.

    “Newborns march to their own beat, so timing and familiar surroundings are pretty critical,” he explains. “Clients might also prefer the comforts of home, rather than juggling the logistics of a newborn in strange places.”

    How much A standard newborn package at $650 includes a 90-minute session, including digital copies of all shoot photos, 10 retouched shots and eight 8R prints.

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