Baby poop colour guide for new parents

August 30, 2018
  • Greenish black
    1 / 6 Greenish black

    It’s her first poop, or meconium. The colostrum in your breast milk will act as a laxative and help her pass the sticky, tarry stools.

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  • Greenish brown
    2 / 6 Greenish brown

    This is a good sign that she has started digesting early breast milk or formula.

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  • Yellow
    3 / 6 Yellow

    If Baby is exclusively breastfed, she’ll have yellow or mustard-coloured stools that look grainy from about five days after birth.

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  • Light brown
    4 / 6 Light brown

    Formula-fed babies usually have pasty, peanut butter-like poop, which is more pungent than that from babies on breast milk.

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  • Dark brown
    5 / 6 Dark brown

    Once your little one is introduced to solid foods, her poop tends to be dark brown – and much smellier. 

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  • Other colours
    6 / 6 Other colours

    Occasionally, the poop will be tinged with hues from the pigments in food. So, if your baby’s been eating carrots, her stools are likely to be yellowish orange.

    (Illustrations: Young Parents)

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