Baby sleeping with plush toy: What you should know

February 22, 2017
  • Should you give your baby a plush toy to sleep with?
    1 / 4 Should you give your baby a plush toy to sleep with?

    The first concern with plush toys is safety. Never leave a plush toy in a cot or sleeping area where a baby may roll onto it and suffocate, says Dr Natalie Epton, a specialist paediatrician and neonatologist

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  • Check for dangerous features
    2 / 4 Check for dangerous features

    Also, look at any plush toy as a potential hazard and assess any dangerous features. Does it have long legs or arms that could become tangled around Baby’s neck? Are there any buttons or ribbons that could detach and be a choking hazard?

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  • Wash the soft toys regularly
    3 / 4 Wash the soft toys regularly

    Plush toys can harbour bacteria and should be washed at least once a week, especially if your baby enjoys sucking it. 

    If he is very attached to the toy and you are worried about how he will react to having it removed, consider buying two identical toys and rotating them.

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  • One stuffed toy will do
    4 / 4 One stuffed toy will do

    Soft toys are also magnets for dust mites and can predispose your little one to nasal allergy symptoms, so they should be kept to a minimum. 

    “I usually recommend only one in the bed of an older child,” Dr Epton adds.

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