Baby snacks: What should you buy?

December 06, 2019
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    Baby biscuits and other munchies can help stave off hunger pangs between meals. Offer them with some milk or fresh juice to make them even more nutritious.

    Always make sure that the pieces are small enough for them to handle, and that the texture is suitable for them to chew and swallow. As your little one grows older, you can gradually offer new textures, tastes and flavours, such as fruit-based munchies.

    Here are more tips from The Nutrition Place.

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  • Read the label
    2 / 6 Read the label

    Stay away from foods that are highly seasoned with added salt or sugar. It’s important to teach your baby to enjoy the natural taste of foods as part of cultivating healthy eating habits from a young age.

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  • Supermarket shopping
    3 / 6 Supermarket shopping

    Don’t restrict yourself to just the baby foods or snack sections. Explore different aisles, such as fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products, to broaden your choices.

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  • Made with love
    4 / 6 Made with love

    Fresh fruits, for instance, are easily available and require minimal preparation. Cut into bite-sized pieces that are suitable for your baby, juice them, or blend with milk and yogurt to make smoothies.

    Fruits are high in vitamins, minerals and fibre – all very important nutrients for his health. You can also introduce your little one to different tastes, textures and colours.

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  • Organic options
    5 / 6 Organic options

    While there are organic baby snacks available at supermarkets, they’re not necessarily better or healthier. Studies have shown that they generally have similar nutritional value as non-organic foods.

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  • Not too much
    6 / 6 Not too much

    Be mindful not to give big portions, even if your baby enjoys them. Otherwise, he’ll lose his appetite for main meals and milk.


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