Babyproofing checklist: How to make your home safe for your little one

September 02, 2019
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    Babyproofing is an ongoing process, just like parenting, and starts in the crib. The crib mattress should be firm with no loose blankets, stuffed animals or decorative pillows. These can potentially smother babies.

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    Once your baby starts taking his first steps, total home protection is necessary. Cover all electrical outlets with plastic plugs and ensure device chargers, hair dryers and irons are unplugged and stored out of reach.

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    Set up barrier gates to prevent your child from climbing up and down the stairs and entering the kitchen and bathroom alone.

    Household cleaners and other chemicals should be in locked cabinets.

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    Get down on your knees to look for sharp corners on furniture that can cause injury to a crawling baby or toddler. These can be cushioned with rounded stick-ons from hardware shops.

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    Use placemats instead of tablecloths and runners, which curious toddlers can tug at. Make sure television sets are on sturdy bases or, better still, secured to a wall.

    Give all furniture pieces a push and pull to see if they can be toppled by a nimble climber. If they are unstable, fix them to the wall.

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    If you have an apartment with a balcony, consider installing invisible grilles for added safety.

    To prevent doors from slamming on tiny fingers, cut off a small piece of pool noodle, make a slit along the length and wedge it onto the upper edge of a door so the door cannot slam shut.

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    While you’re babyproofing your home, don’t forget about protecting your little one with safe windows and sliding doors. One product to check out is Durasafe-SGP (SentryGlas Laminated Safety Glass) by Singapore Safety Glass. It’s up to a hundred times stuffer than traditional laminated safety glass, and there’s less glass fallout if it should break. It’s also five times stronger and has a higher clarity compared to laminated glass that uses other interlayers.

    A version of this article first appeared in Home & Decor; additional reporting by Young Parents. 


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