Barbie Hsu confirms third pregnancy, worries she is too old at age 41

April 12, 2018
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    Barbie Hsu, popularly known as “Big S”, confirmed reports on Wednesday (April 11) that she is expecting a third child, two weeks after she was hospitalised for an epileptic fit brought on by a cold.

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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    The 41-year-old Taiwanese actress-host told Apple Daily she was seven weeks pregnant and worried “because my body can’t really take it, I’m too old”.

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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    She and her husband, Wang Xiaofei, 36, had conceived the child “in a very unlikely situation, and we all think it’s Heaven’s will”, she said.

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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    The couple welcomed her firstborn, daughter Xiyue, in 2014 and second child, son Xilin (pictured), in 2016. Barbie had previously said she would not have a third child.

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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    In fact, she said she and her husband had reached a consensus that he would have a vasectomy.

    “I’m not rushing him into it. This is also a major life event. We’re considering whether to have the surgery in Beijing or Taiwan,” she was quoted as saying at the opening ceremony of her husband’s S Hotel last June.

    (Photo: Weibo/Big S Studio)

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    The mainland businessman and restaurant tycoon heir opened the Philippe Starck-designed boutique hotel in Taipei, which he has dedicated to and named after his wife.

    Converted from a rented building, S Hotel has more than 100 rooms in Starck’s white modern style, with bathrobes, bed linen and other amenities chosen by Barbie.

    (Photo: S Hotel)

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    It has a Nordic restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Mikkel Maarbjerg and, in the lobby, there are photos of Barbie and her younger sister, television host Dee “Little S” Hsu, Apple Daily said.

    (Photo: S Hotel)

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    The couple reportedly registered their marriage after going on four dates in 20 days in November 2010 and held their wedding celebration in February 2011.

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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    Barbie has been putting her career on hold after she became a mum, but she still regularly updates her fans on her everyday life through her social media platforms.

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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    “The lesson I’ve learned from this pregnancy is that people really can’t be too tee kee,” she said on Wednesday, using a Hokkien expression for headstrong.

    “After I had my second child, I said I would never have another one, but I became pregnant after I lost weight. I can’t say such tee kee words anymore.”

    A version of this article first appeared in The Straits Times; additional reporting by Young Parents

    (Photo: Weibo/Barbie Hsu)

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